The pitfalls of preseason rankings

This morning I read a report of how the Eagles draft results would catapult their Defensive line to a top spot in the initial league rankings. While I fully expect to hear and read these sorts of reports, I still couldn't help myself. I had to post on's issuance of this report and do that "Yeti" thing that I sometimes like to do. I wanted to share my brief spot on the league's coveted internet page with those of you who may (or may not) appreciate it. Here goes:


Being a die hard Bills fan I can only thank the folks who are paid a decent wage to analyze and rank teams in accordance with their rosters. They do what all good analysts do... use the numbers to quantify their decisions. The reason why is because the "human element" is not a factor that is tangible enough to put into a formula and base a "reading of the heart" and soul of a team. For that, I assert that the reading of the tea leaves for a season that some fanatics believe will end in a fireball on 21 December, is totally based in irrelevancy.

Look at the Eagle's preseason assessment from last year. What was it? The "Dream Team"? Sure, they had the numbers stacked so high that no one who gets pocket change for their opinions could ever go against such "conventional wisdom". And yet the truth of the season showed a very different result. The reason? The absence of that "heart" and "soul" factor in their calculations... IMHO.

So, as I stated at the beginning, I'm a die hard Bills fan. The "locker room" element is showing to be an aspect of this Buffalo team that no one who televises their face to millions of viewers would ever think to risk their reputation on. That's why you have people like me... people without a reputation to burn.

When the Bills find themselves somewhere in the middle of the D-line rankings, a spark of unyielding angst toward the nay sayers of this "land of freedom" will ignite in the entire team (not just the D-line). Wagons circled, weapons loaded and steadily aimed, the Bills of the 90's will find possession in the souls of this modern team.

Watch out everyone.

Provided I still have satellite connection on the 23rd of December, I expect to find Buffalo jockeying for home field advantage!!!

Everyone enjoy a great season!! Let the smack talk begin!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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