Morning Joe! Where Does Fitzpatrick Rank Amongst Starting QBs?

Good morning Rumblers,

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, this isn't a "lets destroy Fitzpatrick" post. Many of you may know how I feel about Fitz, and I promise to keep my opinion to myself :-).

For the past few seasons, the same question has been posed over and over and over again, is Fitz good enough to take us to the promise land? So to save you guys the agony, this post won't be about that all. Instead, it will just ask the question "Where does Fitzpatrick Rank Amongst Starting QBs?

So here are the rules for ranking QBs, and if you break the rules you will be flagged for inappropriate conduct (just kidding):

1-No Statistics- When you're ranking the QBs don't use stats to validate your argument. This means QB rating, completion percentage, yards, TDs, interceptions, etc. Every time a stat is mentioned an excuse can always be made why a "certain QB" threw 23 interceptions, or why it's perfectly fine because a two time Super Bowl MVP threw just as many and he's proven he can win. An argument can be made that a certain QB lacks adequate WR's or had injuries, only throw safe passes, etc. Stats isn't a good barometer to use for this question, because QBs such as Luck, RGIII, Tannehill don't have any, and we will be ranking them as well.

2- No Wins- You can't use how many Wins a QB has. To me this is the one argument people try to make to prove that a QB is good or bad. "Tebow is a winner", no the Broncos won those games, he just played his role. "Fitz is a loser", no the Bills lost those games. Just because a QB has a winning or losing record, doesn't mean he's a good or bad QB. So please, let's not use a QB win-loss record as a means to validate your argument.

3- Upside/Potential- Another overrated argument. Let's not mention a QBs upside or potential, because what the heck does that really mean, nothing? "Oh this QB has an opportunity to do well this season, because he finally has a coach that believes in him and finally got a full season of OTAs, blah blah blah". No one really knows what a QB is going to do, and every QB has potential because if they didn't they wouldn't be in the NFL.

4- Pro Bowls or Super Bowls- You can't use Pro Bowls or Super Bowls as barometer as well. Why? For one, Pro Bowl players are voted on by fans like us; last year I literally I voted 100 times on line and voted for every Bills player and I'm sure I'm not the only idiot that did it. For two, Super Bowls wins is a total team effort. It takes all facets of the game for the team to win. To give all the credit to a QB just doesn't make sense.

I know I'm putting you all in a really tight box, and this is purposely done. I'm just trying to make sure that you get out of your own way while you making the assessment. Of course, we'll have some people get pissy with me and say that "you have to use these things to rank a QB", and that's fine. I know I'm asking some of you to step out of your comfort zone and not use things that won you arguments in the pass, that's the point.

Okay, so what can you use to rank them?:

-Can the guy make all the throws? Can he read defenses? Does he have poise in the pocket? Is he accurate with the football? Does he have leadership qualities? Does he have good footwork? Is he a duel threat QB? How is he as a leader of men? Is he a good teammate? Is he reliable on and off the field? Is he coachable? Is he consistent?

-Does he pass the "eye test"? Meaning when you look at him play, you say to yourself "geez he's good"?

-Lastly, the most important one of them all. If you were starting a team (not Fantasy team) today and the goal was to win the Super Bowl, and you was putting together your draft board for QB's from 1-32, where would you grab Fitz? Or, I would rather have this guy over Fitz.

Below is the list of all 32 Teams and their potential starting QB's. If there is no clear starter, I will make a decision on who is the better QB, based on how I think the team perceives them and conjunction with their play last season. Your job is to simply put Fitzpatrick in a category. Either he's between 1- 8, 9-16, 17- 24, or 25-32.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills- Ryan Fitzpatrick

Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill

New England Patriots- Tom Brady

New York Jets- Mark Sanchez

AFC West

Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning

Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Cassel

Oakland Raiders- Carson Palmer

San Diego Chargers- Phillip Rivers

AFC South

Houston Texans- Matt Schaub

Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck

Jacksonville Jaguars- Blaine Gabbert

Tennessee Titans- Matt Hasslebeck

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco

Cincinnati Bengals- Andy Dalton

Cleveland Browns- Brandon Weeden

Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Roethislberger

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo

New York Giants- Eli Manning

Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Vick

Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III (RG3)

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- Kevin Kolb

San Francisco 49ers- Alex Smith

Seattle Seahawks- Matt Flynn

St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford

NFC South-

Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan

Carolina Panthers- Cameron Newton

New Orleans Saints- Drew Breese

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Freeman

NFC North-

Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler

Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rogers

Minnesota Vikings- Christian Ponder

Okay, so where does Fitz rank? 1- 8, 9-16, 17- 24, or 25-32.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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