Late night Bills fan story ;)

Hey Bills Fans!

This is my first post here, and like most Bills Fans, I’ve been scanning/trolling this site for many years. I will begin by telling you all about how much I appreciate the comments and Fan Posts, how I became a Bills fan, my excitement for this year, and how much I appreciate Brian and the Rumblings staff.

First, I want to say that the comments and post by the “regulars” keep me coming back every day. In a way I feel like I know everyone and can predict what most will say about a particular subject. I tend to “click” the “comments” section before reading the entire post that Brian probably spent countless hours on. I check these 4-5 times a day...beginning when I wake up and after naps (night shift sucks!). I enjoy AP22, POZ, CanadianBillsFan, Abayarde, SERGENT MAJOR THOR, J2, stetzwebs, boomsauce, and many others that have contributed diligently over the last few years. I either identify with most of your comments and suggestions, or I flat out disagree. Either way, this entertains me and keeps me coming back daily.

Now, I would like to tell you guys a simple story of how a kid born in Long Island and raised in Florida became a Bills fan…I was born in 84 and was nearly 6 years old when my Mom and (dead beat) Pop moved the family to Florida. I was old enough to know what sports were and I had a passionate sense for football already. The game that sticks out the most for me was the Bills vs. Giants Super Bowl. Like all boys, they love their Mom, right? So I was rooting for the team she has loved since childhood; the Bills. My Dad??? He was a jackass (with no vested interest) going against my mom’s favorite team. During the game I was into every second and every play…until the final kick. This crushing moment for me and my Mom wasn’t enough for my Dad, so he had to jump up on the couch and point into my Mom’s and my face and yell HAHAHAHAH!!!! YOU SUCK!! I vowed right then and there that this will be MY team and that WE WILL not be laughed at. Well, three more Super Bowls [losses] later (funny thing is my grandma was a Redskins Fan, My brother was a Dallas Fan…I heard it/and cried each time!), I STILL love my Bills. Unfortunately, my Mother passed away before the 3rd and 4th SB’s, but I’m sure she still holds out hope for “our team.” I will never EVER not be a Bills Fan! EVER! I’m 28 now and have the same passion. If you ask anyone to describe me in one word, they will say “Bills.”

My excitement for the year is unmatched from prior years. I am finally excited about the OL, DL, and many other positions. I enjoy the buzz around the sports world that picks us as an “underdog” or “surprise” team. In the same sense I want to tell them to f*c* off! These people have laughed at our team for too long, and now they want to pay attention to us!? Go cover the Cowboys! Anyway… I know that having Fitz as the QB irritates some people but he is damn good. I hope he proves himself to the haters this year. CJ and Fred will do their thing, while Nelson and Johnson will carry the team for the WR’s. That makes me wonder—why nolove for Nelson!? He has the best hands of any receiver I have seen! I’m also becoming a fan of TJ and hold out hope for Marcus. Prediction: 11-5 ;)

Now, for Brian and his staff…YOU ARE THE BEST! Seriously. I am captivated by the majority of the articles that you write. You have such talent that I know us Bills Fans are worried you will one day leave us. You work hard to produce articles, and even though you’re a true Bills fan, you withhold judgment and opinions (must be frustrating!!). You’re the best “blogger” I’ve ever read. Matt produces great articles as well. I love how this site is maintained and the fact that you guys are actual fans.

Oh yeah, I forgot … the reason why I wanted to post in the first place was because I found this YouTube video and it got me so damn pumped!!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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