Training Camp Updates

It's been many years folks, in fact, not since Fredonia, but this year, Cinga is making a very special trip to Buffalo Bills Training Camp. Special for 2 reasons...

1) This is promising to be a very magical season for our Buffalo Bills

2) I know some of you are members of BBMB as well, and I recently learned that one of their Mods, Wyo, is actually my long lost sister, and she will be there as well on August 1st through 4th.. A family reunion of sorts sure to bring tears to even this ole man's eyes...

I want to offer to give updates of the goings on at camp over this time, and let you, my fellow Rumblers, tell me what sort of coverage you'd like me to give.

My writing skills do not compare the many of the writers here, but I plan to go loaded... Cameras, and all, to be able to give you what I can. If you have someone in particular, or an area of concern, you'd like me to highlight for you, and give you my opinion, feel free to ask away. My notepad is right beside me, the IPad, recorder, and laptop will be with me. Any on here that know me, knows I'll give you the best feedback possible....

I could use some help too from Rumblers in the area... Name me a decent hotel nearby to stay at... I still have family in the South Towns, but it's too far to be at camp every day so I'll just visit them when possible...

As for Wyo, cause i know some might be curious... Funny how things happen sometimes, cause her and I have gone round and round more than once at BBMB. She posted something a while back though that made me pause, and I asked her who she was. Long story short, through PM, we gave our names, and while we are not true biological brother and sister, we should be since for years, we grew up together. Heck, her Dad taught me the manly things in life, like how to ski, swim, and even swat flies!!! She would claim my Ma taught her some things, but any of you that frequent BBMB know, she paid a lot more attention to the boy stuff... Yeah, she was, and is, a tomboy.. My own favorite memories are of the summer days, grabbing some poles, finding a few worms, and going to drown them in a nearby creek...She is truly, an amazing story in itself that I would let her share if she wants...

This is a special season for many reasons... The Buffalo Bills could be very, very special... And Wyo IS, very very special....

So have at it Rumblers!!!! Cinga (stands for Charlie in Georgia though I'm not in GA anymore)is at your disposal for TC August 1st-4th!!!! And any other Rumblers out there that will be at TC during that time, I'll be the bald headed guy, with a long pony tail and beard, and wearing my personalized #26 Buffalo Bills jersey... Don't know if I can keep wearing it though... Might be pretty ripe by Saturday....Send me an e-mail I think you can see it on my profile, if not, let me know and I'll post it... I'll give you more details once I have them ironed out...

Brian, Matt, and staff, let me know if I can help in any other way while I'm there...

Something Magical is in the Air!!!! Let's do our best to share in it!!!

Go Bills!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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