Morning Joe! Over/Under 2 Seasons as the Starting RB for Jackson

It's a trap. Fitz, Fitz, Fitz..haha.

Just kidding folks. After yesterday meltdown on the Fitz discussion. I've decided not to mention the guy this whole offseaon. The arguments have become too draining and I never would want for you guys (my Rumbling family) to think that my feelings towards Fitz, overshadows my love for this team. I just want what's best for our Bills. So please welcome me back in to the fold, as a Bills loyalist.


Good morning Bills Fan,

Today's Joe should be another interesting one. What I want to discuss is another topic that we all may be trying to avoid. It's the elephant in the room. It's a difficult topic, but now is a better time than never.

Fred and CJ

Now, I'll be the first to admit. Before Jackson breakout season last season, I was skeptical that he was going to be as good as he become. Let's just say, I wasn't riding the "Jackson train". But to my delight and many others, the guy went off and was having an MVP season before he got hurt. I'm now on on the train and has become a huge supporter of Jackson. Jackson signed a 2 year ext this offseason, which means Jackson has 3 years remaining with the team.

But we have a problem Houston!! As we continue to root for Jackson and he continue to tear the league up, as a consequence CJ won't be able to get his chance. Once again, we're going in to the season with Jackson as the undeniable starter, and another year of modest production from CJ as a backup RB and situational WR.

We all know that CJ is the future at the RB position, but what happens if he never get the opportunity to unleash his full talents here in a Bills uniform? He's heading in to year 3 of a a 5 year deal, and just like previous seasons CJ is going to be relegated to a back up role, and if Jackson has a year that we're all hoping, we can expect the same going in to the following season.

So the concern is this: When CJ finally get his chance as a full time RB for this team, when Jackson slows down or breakdown; CJ might be in the last year of his deal or worse a free agent. What happens then? Would he want to stay, or "take his talents" elsewhere?

The thing is this; I'm a team before the player kind of guy. As long as we win, I really don't care what players are out there. But with CJ, I have a feeling that the guy is "special". In the NFL, there are players that are just really good football players, and you have others who are just special. The special ones are the ones you want to get the most out of, because you won't have them for long.

Now some will argue that Jackson is special as well, and I won't argue that fact. But that makes the argument even worse. What does a team do with two special RB's on their team? One who is on the cusp of greatness, and the other (because of age) may be on the downsize of greatness.

So I pose this question to my fellow Bills fans; how many seasons will Jackson remain the starting RB for the Bills?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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