Morning Joe! Top Nicknames

Good morning Rumblers,

Today's Joe is going to be a light-hearted one. I wanted to have some fun today, so I figure why not discuss something that isn't too stressful or controversial.

At Rumblings, we have a tendency to create nicknames for guys. It's crazy how a nickname start, and all of a sudden it becomes a universal thing. I was talking to a fellow Bills fan in Detroit this past weekend and I was telling him about this site, to my surprise he didn't know this site even existed. So as we were talking, he used the name CHIX. Now, I have never read or heard this name anywhere else except for here, the fact that he knew the nickname was funny to me. It made me think of all the discussion that we have on here, and how anyone can read it and know exactly what it meant.

So I started wondering, of all the nicknames that we have for our players and coaches, which one is the best one.

After the jump are the top nicknames for players and coaches on this team. Let me know what you all think.

Fitzmagic/Amish Rifle/Fitzy- After his blazing start to last season; Ryan Fitzpatrick took on the persona of Fitzmagic. He wowed us with his late 4th quarter comebacks, and his ability to make the tough throws. It became so popular, that a song was created in honor to Fitzmagic. He's also known for growing a sick beard, and later became known as the Amish Rifle. But during the day-to-day discussions here at Rumblings; he's simply known as Fitzy.

Megamind- Is this not the most fitting name for our beloved head coach? In an interview with WGR radio, Steve Johnson called Gailey, Megamind. For all of you who don't know who Megamind is, he is a 3D fictional character, who happens to be a super-intelligent alien, a (self-proclaimed) incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy. What's funny about this nickname, is that Gailey is known to be an offensive genius and ironically enough have the same dome-shaped head like Megamind. This relationship between player and coach is something to sitback and enjoy. Steve also went out of his way to dress up as his beloved coach.

Meatball- Back in November of 2010; our fearless leader Mr. Galiford decided to start a social media campaign to get our beloved Kyle Williams in to the Pro Bowl. In order to accelerate the recognition of Kyle, he thought a good nickname will be just what the doctor ordered. So to use Brian's words, because honestly I can't do any better, here's is his explanation of the nickname "Meatball":

Why Meatball? Meatballs are versatile. They are delicious. They are a hearty, workmanlike foodstuff capable of being a great side dish or a highly underrated entree. Buffalo's Meatball is exactly what he sounds like: a mean ball of meat that will smack you in the mouth, and then flex when he does. (But for real, it's sort of the perfect nickname.)

Hahaha. Great Huh? Now for all of my immature Rumblers out there, there is a great TWSS (That's What She Said) moment in this quote, I'll just let you figure out where at. Seriously, you all need to grow up..haha

FredEx- Easily one of the most popular players on this team, our RB Fred Jackson is known around these parts as FredEx. Of course, this plays on the package delivery company Federal Express (FedEx), whose slogan is "When it absolutely, positively has to get there". Could there be any better name for a guy, who delivers every day; even on Sunday's? This name really took off during the shortened training camp period last season. Guys were spotted sporting their FredEx T-shirts, and showing their support for one of the greatest guys on this team.

Super Mario- This nickname is especially fitting; because Mario Williams is just that, Super. With his freakish size, athletic ability, and dominating play Williams earned the name Super. Of course his name plays off of two super heroes, Super Man and the 1980's Nintendo character Super Mario (Mario Mario). Opposing QB's better keep an eye out, because this DE has an "S" on his chest and shoots fireballs out from his gloves.

The Incredible Hulk- The Hulk is the emotional and impulsive alter ego of the mild-mannered, withdrawn and reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner; sounds like anyone you know so far? Okay, let's continue. The madder that you make Dr. Banner, he turns in to the Hulk. The Hulk is this big massive character, who is unstoppable and destroys everything in it's path. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!". Give up? This is no other than our beloved DT, Marcel Dareus. A nice guy off the field, but a complete terror on it. This photo of Hulk, reminds me the most of Marcel.

Stevie/Stevie Styles/Joker- Around here everyone calls our super star WR Steve Johnson, Stevie. Could you imagine having to call him Steve Johnson? It just sounds like a creepy man with a really creepy mustache (sorry Steve). Stevie is also known to dabble some in the rap industry, and has the nickname Stevie Syyles. Check out this freestyle rap from Stevie Styles, as he looks to motivate some Bills fans. But to many people out there, Steve Johnson is known as the Joker. During the 2010 season, the Bills had one of the greatest comebacks in team history against the Bengals. After Johnson scored a touchdown, he lifted up his jersey and displayed the writing of "Why So Serious" on his under shirt. It was a play off of the Batman: Dark Knight movie where the Joker famously used the same exact line. It was also, a subliminal shot at then Bengals WR's Terrel Owens and Chad OchoCinco, who was calling themselves, Batman and Robin.

CHIX- I couldn't tell you where or how this started. I'm sure it was just a Rumbler out there who got tired of saying Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix, and just decided to take the first two initials of their names and combine them. It's lazy as heck, but whoever came up with it, thank you. CHIX is not just a name, but it's a movement. It symbolizes a movement from NFL obscurity, to NFL greatness. It symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, and hopefully one day a Super Bowl.

Okay Rumblers, it's time to vote on the best nicknames and let me know what you think of them. Have at it

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