Buddy Nix is PROUD TO BE A BILL and a Poll

Howdy fellow Rumblers. I want to talk about something that Buddy has brought to the Bills that they haven't had in years: PRIDE TO BE A BILL.

They say it starts at the top. It does. Buddy Nix wants to be here. He has collected a group of guys who want to be here. Don't get me wrong, getting paid is very important to the guys, but, their first love should be the game, their second love should be the cash that comes with the game. For the most part, I believe this is the sort of mentality the team has. It has been written how impressed Barnett is with Shep due to his desire to study, study and study. When you accumulate guys like that, it becomes infectious.

Over the last few years, two guys on the fringe were quoted as saying something to the effect of "if they don't play here, they will play somewhere else." Those 2 guys were Hardy and Hangartner. I don't know about you, but, I took offense to both statements. Where is the drive to fight to make this team? Furthermore, if you can't make this team, what makes you think you can make it someplace else? A big thing that athletes forget is the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I want to see every guy from Mario to Session trying their hardest to win a spot on this team. I never want to hear that if they don't make this team they will simply try to catch on elsewhere. I am not saying they shouldn't try to find work elsewhere if they are cut, but, I want to see a fire in their belly.

I have noticed a shift. Guys want to come and/or stay here. Mario chose to play here. Kelsey, Kyle Williams, Fred Jackson, Chandler, and Bryan Scott all chose to come back. Stevie actually chose to take what I would consider less cash (had he hit the open market) to stay here and finish what he started with Fitz and the team. Guys want to be here. I hope that if Merriman does have a good year that he will give us a home discount especially since we paid him millions of dollars to sit on IR and get healthy. I think he will stay here if he is still healthy at the end of the year.

Much has been made about the Eagles and the dream team. What makes that different from this team is that these guys seem to like each other. Last year, when times were tough, you regularly heard bickering and a lack of trust. I don't think you will see that with this team.

Guys should be excited to be here. If any guy thinks he can just collect a paycheck anywhere, then I say let him go, because they aren't good enough to be a Buffalo Bill!!

Good for Nix to install a sense of pride in being a Buffalo Bill first and foremost!!

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Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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