Morning Joe! Did We Really Get Our Guy?

Good Morning Rumblers,

Happy Monday!

Today's Joe! was going to be just how you like it; short and sweet :), but I got a little carried away.

As some of you know, I kind of refrained from the draft talk this season. I figured, I'll leave the mock drafts up to the experts.

However, I want to briefly discuss whether or not you guys felt that we actually got our "guy" in the first round of this year's draft. I'm sure CHIX is happy with the selections, and I'm sure most of you are. But for some reason, I didn't get the feeling that Gilmore was the teams first, second, third, fourth, or even fifth option. Last year, it was no doubt that Dareus was the team top option (maybe second to Cam Newton). I still remember that fist pump that Buddy made during the behind the draft film session that posted. This year I didn't see any of that. Is it because they weren't as satisfied with the pick or is it because the camera didn't catch it? I guess the lack of emotion is fitting, since Gilmore didn't show any himself, but I won't get in to that one.

So what do we know?

We know that the first two picks and later the third were unattainable, and we know Buddy and co. had no ideas of possibly getting those three players. However, after that they could've had easily made moves and pick up a guy that was high on their board, that started to mysteriously fall. There were 4 maybe 5 players that we had a shot at getting, that may have been high on their Boards. These players were either players at a position of need, or players that would've solidified a unit for years.

5th Player- Matt Kalil- The Vikings were busy on draft day, traded back from the #2 to finally landing the 4th spot. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't get the feeling that they were that enthused with Matt Kalil. I think they just took the cleanest player. The Bills were in need of a franchise caliber LT and a guy like Kalil could've been had for the right price. I'll let you draft gurus determine how many points or draft picks it would've taken to land Kalil at 4.

4th Player- Morris Claiborne- Honestly, when Claiborne started to drop, my heart started to race as I thought he might either drop to us or we might move up a few spots to get them. I couldn't see any team ahead of us between 6-9 that needed a CB and really didn't imagine a team like the Cowboys making that jump. With out question, Claiborne was the hands down top CB in this draft. A guy who had all the tools you look for in a CB. It took the Cowboys 14th pick and second round pick to move up. So essentially, our 1st and Cordy Glen. Would that trade would've been worth out? I don't know, maybe so considering we did pick up Zebrie Sanders.

3rd Player- Justin Blackmon- The top WR in the draft, the Jaguars traded up to get their guy at 5. At the time, we all felt that the WR position was a position of need on this team, and having a guy like Blackmon would've taken this offense to a whole another level. The Jaguars traded their 4th round pick and swapped picks (7th and 5th) with the Buccaneers’ to land Blackmon. In my opinion, the Bucs could've done the same deal with the Bills and picked up an extra pick and still got their guy in Barron. As the Panthers weren't in need of of a S and Dolphins had their eye on Tannehill the whole time. Would I have given up a third (TJ Graham) and swap picks with Buccaneers to get Blackmon? No comment :)

2nd Player- Luke Kuechly- There is no doubt in my mind that Kuechly would've been the Bills pick at 10 if he was there. If there was ever a player that fits Bills football, it's Kuechly. I can hear the chants now at the Ralph, Luuuuuuukeee! The best all around LB in this year's draft, Kuechly could've played any one of our LB positions, and would've be an immediate upgrade over Morrison at SLB. To me, Kuechly was our guy at 10. I really don't think CHIX saw the Panthers actually taking him at 9. But maybe a team like the Chiefs or the Patriots moving up to get him.

1st Player- Mark Barron- Out of all the guys that I listed, that the Bills felt that they can stay put and not make any moves to get, I think it was Barron. No one and I mean no one saw the Buccaneers actually making that pick, especially when the Cowboys traded up to pick Claiborne. It was assumed that Cowboys was enamored with Barron, since Claiborne wouldn't get out of the top 5. I believe all along that Barron was the guy in which CHIX had their eye on the whole time. I think they had some doubts that Kuechly would be there at 10, so there realistic choice was Barron. Paring him up with Byrd wouldn't have been something they couldn't pass up on.

Did Buddy sit back and hope a guy like Kuechly or Barron would fall to them at 10, and Gilmore was merely the constellation prize? Don't get me wrong; Gilmore isn't chopped liver. But knowing what we know and how the draft worked out, I'm sure that CHIX would've made a move to pick up one of those guys that I believe was ahead of Gilmore on their boards. The questions is, which player and how many were there?

So the question still remains, did we really get our guy?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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