Morning Joe! Farewell - For Now

Editor's Note: We've really enjoyed your summer FanPost series, doctork44. Thanks for all of your hard work! - BG

Hey folks: today's Joe! will be the last post from me for quite awhile. Since training camp is starting in a few days, I'm going to move to the side and let the real journalists and bloggers do their thing. The whole point of the Morning Joe! series was to contribute to the site by giving people something interesting to read and discuss during the "dog days" of the NFL offseason. Now that we finally have football to talk about; I'm sure Brian, Matt and the others guys are going to be kicking it in to high gear, so my job is pretty much done. I'll still be around, lurking and commenting on different posts, so I'll see you guys around.

Below is a summary of all the fan polls that I posted. Some of you might find this pretty interesting, now that the draft and the free agency period is over. Farewell.

-Jan 19, 2012- If possible, would you grow a beard to support your beloved Bills? 57% Yes

-Jan 25, 2012- Should the Super Bowl continue to be played at neutral locations? 74% Yes

-Jan 26, 2012- What should the NFL do about the extra point? 41% Leave it alone, its fine the way it is.

-Feb 9, 2012- Who would you like to see be the featured back heading in to the 2012 season? 74% Fred Jackson

-Feb 10, 2012- Of these potential Free Agent CB's, who should the Bills target in this year free agency period? 26% Brandon Carr

-Feb 13, 2012- When it comes to the NFL, are you a "Sports Liberal" or "Sports Conservative"? 73% "Sports Conservative"

-Feb 16, 2012- Which Crimison Tide would you rather see drafted at pick #10? 69% Courtney Upshaw (0% or 1 vote out of 140 votes, voted for Mark Barron)

-Feb 28, 2012- Besides the RB position, what is the best unit on our team? 30% Offensive Line

-Mar 1, 2012- What position should the Bills draft at 10? 28% Defensive Line (11% Corner Back)

-Mar 12, 2012- After all of the offseason re-signings, are wa better team than what we were last year? 45% Yes

-Mar 13, 2012- Bills fans, what time of year is the most exciting for you? 57% The NFL Season

-Mar 20, 2012- Looking back on it and knowing that OBD was prepared to spend pretty much all their cap money; would you rather us sign Mario or sign a group of other guys at key positions (Top CB, WR, LB, and 2nd or 3rd best TE)? 87% Sign Mario

-Mar 26, 2012- Knowing what you know now, if you can turn back the hands of time; who would you have drafted in the 2011 first round draft? 58% Marcell Dareus (26% Cam Newton)

-Mar 30, 2012- Are the Bills in a "Win Now Mode" or "Rebuild Mode? 47% "Win Now Mode"

-Apr 17, 2012- With all the recent changes the NFL has made. Do you like the direction that the NFL is headen in? 50% no (25% not sure)

-Apr 24, 2012- If presented with the opportunity to appear on HBO's Hard Knocks; should the Bills accept the offer? 54% Yes

-May 7, 2012- Knowing what you know now about concussions. Would you allow and/or encourage your child to play football? 67% Yes

-Jun 11, 2012- Assuming everyone is healthy, who should start at RDE opposite of Mario Williams this season for the Bills? 45% Mark Anderson

-Jun 12, 2012- What do you think of the Bills possibly mimicking the Giants NASCAR pass rush, by employing 4 DE to rush the passer on obvious pass plays? 70% I love it

-Jun 13, 2012- What current Bills player that was acquired during the Dick Jauron era; has been the biggest gift to CHIX and the Bills organization? 52% Fred Jackson (16% Kyle Williams)

-Jun 14, 2012- Amongst the current NFL starters, where does Fitzpatrick rank? 50% 9-16

-Jun 18, 2012- As THIS Bills team stands on paper, are they good enough to win with mediocre play at QB? 60% Yes

-Jun 19, 2012- What piece(s) are we missing to potentially prevent us from making a legitimate run at the playoffs or Super Bowl? 35% Better QB

-Jun 21, 2012- Over/Under 1.5 seasons for Fitz as the teams starting QB? 83% Over

-Jun 22, 2012- Over/Under 2 seasons for Fred Jackson as the starting RB for the Bills? 62% Under

-Jun 26, 2012- Who has the best nickname amongst the Bilss players and coaches? 40% FredEx-Fred Jackson

-Jun 28, 2012- If injured during training camp for an extended period of time; which can include the entire training camp, parts of the regular season, or the entire season. Which play has the best chance of being cut? 43% Torrel Troup

-Jul 2, 2012- Over/Under 1,200 yards receiving for WR Stevie Johnson for the 2012 season? 59% Under

-Jul 3, 2012- Which oft-injured player will miss the most amount of regular season games this season due to injuries? 70% Terrence McGee

-Jul 5, 2012- Which Bills rival do you hate the most? 52% Patriots

-Jul 10, 2012- Is the #2 WR position opposite of Stevie Johnson; necessary for this offense to succeed? 47% No

-Jul 16, 2012- Was Gilmore our #1 target at 10 in this past draft? 45% No

-Jul 17, 2012- Which fomer Bills offensive player of the past 10 years that you regret we let go? 58% Jason Peters

-Jul 18, 2012- Which former Bills defensive player of the past 10 years that you regre that we let go? 32% Antoine Winfield (29% Londer Fletcher)

-Jul 19, 2012- What recently departed coach in the past 10 years that you regret we let get away? 69% Dick LeBeau

For a quick look at all of the Morning Joe's! click here.

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