Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 7/3

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 25: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Buffalo Bills calls signals behind Eric Wood #70 against the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 25, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

#22 - Can Eric Wood return to form? - BuffaloBills.com
"In Week 10 last season Wood tore his ACL on a non-contact play. Following an interception at Dallas, Wood turned to pursue the ball and his knee buckled. The injury cost him the last seven games of the season. He’s come back from a severe leg injury already once in his career. Can he again return to form a second time?"

Three Years of the Elusive Rating | ProFootballFocus.com
"Fred Jackson is another player who has long been an underrated runner, and was on his way to a truly spectacular season last year before a broken leg saw it end prematurely. Despite ranking 14th in touches over the past three seasons no player has forced more missed tackles than his 149."

Inside The Bills | Fred makes ‘em miss
"To give an idea on how elusive Jackson is for the Bills, he had 155 fewer touches than Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson over the past three seasons (901 to 746) and still forced one more missed tackle than the Vikings’ top flight back (149 to 148)."

Inside The Bills | Why predicting sacks can be tricky
"A lot goes into getting sacks," he said. "I’ve been involved with college teams and pro teams that have led the nation and led the league in sacks. A lot has to do with the situation that you’re in. Are you playing from behind? Are you playing from ahead? A lot of it has to with the guys rushing the passer. A lot has to do with quarterbacks you might face or offensive linemen during the year. We’re going to get our share."

New blackout rules give Bills some math to ponder - The Buffalo News
"Now, individual teams will make the call and must face the criticism if they sell more than 85 percent of their tickets but decline to show the game in hopes of maximizing their box-office receipts."

Eric Wood on HGH testing: Bring it on - The Buffalo News
In response to a follower's question, Wood replied the holdup was "prob a combo of both [the NFL and NFLPA] but I would like to see it get done." When asked if players are open to blood testing, Wood replied "They should be."

Will Bills change blackout policy? | WIVB.com
"The Bills might not go along with the changes. Because if they do, they could have to share more money with the visiting team than they do now," Sabuda noted.

Blackout rule change not an easy call for Bills - The Buffalo News
"So if the Bills opted in, a sold-out game would mean 60,000 nonpremium seats sold. That’s 9,000 tickets above the 51,000 mark. With the team’s average nonpremium ticket price of just under $60, those 9,000 tickets would yield $540,000 in total revenue; 16 percent of that figure (the difference between 34 and 50 percent) would cost the team about $90,000 per game."

Buffalo Bills HC Chan Gailey Approval Poll: July 2012 - Buffalo Rumblings
Bills fans voice their pleasure or displeasure with their team's head coach.

Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix Approval Poll: July 2012 - Buffalo Rumblings
There haven't been any roster moves in a month. How does that change your opinion?

On NFL Concussions And Mark Kelso's Giant Helmet - Buffalo Rumblings
"Here's where I often think about former Buffalo Bills safety Mark Kelso. Many a night do I lie in my fine bed and think about things, and every so often I think about Kelso and the giant helmet he wore for those early '90s Bills teams. He looked out of proportion and silly with that giant egg on his head. Announcers called him a conehead. In hindsight, he should be called a pioneer."

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