Supplemental Draft

The supplemental draft is coming up. CHIX has been loathe to part with draft choices but then this would be using a draft choice a year early as opposed to trading it away. Sigmond Bloom at bleacherreport had a couple of things to say about WR Josh Gordon:

Former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon measures in at about 6'4" 225 pounds and runs in the high 4.3's/low 4.4's. He has also displayed good hands and fluid athleticism for such a big man.

Sounds good so far, right? Gordon is heavier than every WR on Buffalo's roster except Derek Sessions (same weight) and taller than everyone except for David Nelson (6'5") and Ruvel "Won't Make The Team in 2012" Martin (same height at 6'4").

On the other hand, Gordon left the Baylor program after being suspended and never played a down at Utah after he transferred there last year (due to NCAA rules). Gordon was productive, but not dominant during his final year at Baylor.

Yeah, that's not quite so positive, especially given that CHIX looks for guys who can be counted on to be available on Sundays. So, Gordon had some issue at Baylor that was serious enough to get him off the team and didn't play at all in 2011.

Still, Gordon's speed and build make him a potentially lethal mismatch for any cornerback on deep passes. You can say the same about Tommy Streeter, but even with a limited sample size, Gordon has vastly superior natural hands and ball skills. That Streeter even went in the sixth round despite a lack of consistency catching the ball shows the value of size and speed at wide receiver.

Natural hands and ball skills? Ruvel Martin and Donald Jones didn't display those attributes last year. We hold out hope for Marcus Easley and TJ Graham, who between them have zero experience but are both locks for the roster. Johnson, obviously, will make the team. The remaining WRs are Aiken, Clowney, Hagan, Jones, Nelson, Martin and Roosevelt, of which Aiken, Martin and Roosevelt seem like the first 3 WRs to be cut. That would leave Buffalo with Johnson, Graham, Easley, Clowney, Hagan, Jones and Nelson to fill 6 or 7 WR slots. (I say 7 simply because of the amount of 3-4 WR sets Buffalo used last season.)

So, if you were the GM, would you want to bring aboard a guy who has had some issues but represents greater physical talent than some who seem destined to make the roster out of default? What's that? Oh, the price...

Adam Caplan from the Sideline View wrote that Gordon could go as high as the "first half" of the Supplemental Draft. Draft expert Josh Norris of Rotoworld wrote that he would be surprised if Gordon draws more that a sixth-round pick because of character questions and stiffness hidden by a very limited demonstration of route-running skills at Baylor.

For the sake of discussion, let's assume that the Bills wouldn't expend anything higher than a 6th round pick on Josh Gordon. Would you bite at that price?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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