Observations from Preseason Game 1

Front Four: The starting unit looked very quick and explosive, particularly Kyle Williams who looks like he's back to his old form and also Mario Williams, who on one play in particular, almost took a hand-off from RGIII during their first series. The upgrades here are immediately obvious, particularly with regard to size and how stout they looked on interior runs.

Backers: Shaky, shaky, shaky. If there's one unit on the team, other than the Offensive Line deserving of a poor grade it was these guys. Poor pass coverage from Shepp, poor run play from Moats, and the biggest dropoff from unit 1 to unit 2 on the team. Speaking to that, they seem to have two very different ideas about what they want here from a personnell standpoint. Carder, White and Batten (who I didn't see at all, not sure if he played) are not substitutes for the players ahead of them on the depth chart. They are, to my eye, an improvement in terms of cover ability, but undersized to defend the run. Buffalo is certainly going to rotate these groups based on down and distance, but the lack of three down players here is disconcerting. Just my take...

Secondary: You can't forget how inexperienced the Bills starters are here. Considering that, I thought they looked very good, particularly in man coverage. They gave up some meaty passing plays in zone coverage and without putting blame on any one individual (Leodis McKelvin) that's something they need to work on. Ron Brooks looks like a steal and Prince Miller again looks like he has a place on the 53. Aaron Williams needs to make sure tackles and stop looking for the big hit.

Special Teams: Cover teams? You must mean punt coverage because I could have covered the kickoffs last night. Stop debating if John Potter makes the 53. If they drafted him because they wanted to have a guy who could nullify the opponents kickoff return capability, mission accomplished. Why would they cut him? Punt coverag was excellent as well. Buffalo returners made poor decisions throughout the game. I'll chalk that up to someone trying to make a big play in preseason.

Receivers: Nothing looks crisp on offense but Stevie and Fitz are miles ahead in terms of being on the same page. Chandler needs to be a BIG part of this teams passing attack if they're going to succeed.

Backs: White looked good... decisive and elusive. Choice, not so much. Who else plays this position? Oh yeah, some dudes named Spiller and Jackson. Hope those 2 get some reps so they make the 53....

O-line: Sort of funny how everyone is noting that Fitz' mechanics reverted.... and maybe they did. But in my view he did something he's exceedingly good at: contort his body to get the ball out in the face of pressure. And he stood in and took a nasty shot. Frankly, the tackles on both sides looked overmatched off the edge. Throw in the penalty fest and a second unit that had no push whatsoever... and I got to say this unit stunk up the joint.

QB: Fitz made good reads and got the ball out quickly, but was horribly inaccurate with most of his throws. I don't think you can look at those 15 or so reps behind that offensive line and make much of an evaluation however. What I will say is this, because it goes back to last season as well... Fitz is going to get a receiver killed if he can't place the ball more accurately down the field. It's one thing to be a gunslinger, it's another to put your receivers in a position to get their heads taken off. We could have very easily lost Chandler for the season last night. Both of our backups looked incapable of running Gailey's offense effectively. If Fitz goes down early, I'm not kidding myself...all is lost. Again, just my take...

Officiating: Good lord man! I thought the officiating would be bad, but it was laughable.

New unis: I am putting this in here last, even though it's beating a dead horse... I hate. hate. and by that I mean hate. the white collar! Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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