Quick Observations From Camp (8/11)

I went to camp tonight for the first time. I am pretty sure this is the last night-practice. These are just some quick things that stood out to me.

-Vince Young should be the backup quarterback. He made some very solid throws and made some good plays on his feet. I was very impressed with him.

-Tyler Thigpen made a few nice throws, but overall VY looked head and shoulders better.

-Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to step it up, and fast. He made some terrible throws. In the last part of practice (30 seconds to score), he overthrew Stevie over the middle twice in a row. If this happens in the regular season, Stevie is going to get seriously hurt.

-David Clowney made some great catches. He did, however, have a few slip through his hands. He came up limping towards the end of practice.

-David Nelson was back and made some nice catches.

-Prince Miller can play ball. He had some great break-ups and was always close to the receiver in coverage.

-Shawne Merriman seemed to play well. He got pressure multiple times. During one-on-ones he got right through his man more than once. (I cannot remember whom he was up against, however.)

-Stephon Gilmore had a great break-up against Stevie during one-on-ones. He did seem to be a little soft in coverage at times.

-Marcell Dareus looked good. He seemed to cause havoc relatively often. Same with Kyle Williams. Dareus did jump offsides once.

-Nick Barnett is FAST. On one play, he chased the runner down from behind the play and had him for maybe a 1 yard gain. Also showing how hard he plays. He seemed to grab his arm after a play, but he was back in only 3 or 4 plays later.

-Mario Williams is a giant human being.

-Michael Jasper is too.

-I noticed that Chan Gailey was talking to Scott Chandler multiple times. It seemed like he was trying to correct something. At one point he pulled him to the side and was explaining something to him. This could be nothing more than good coaching, however.

-Dave Wannstedt almost blew a gasket after a play towards the end of practice, but I was not sure why.

-Brian Moorman is an amazing punter. He booted a few 65+ yard balls in the air.

-John Potter can boot the ball. He was effortlessly kicking the ball into the end zone from only a two-step drop.

-I was sort of surprised how relatively light the practice seemed. This could just be because it was the first practice after the game. Even still, I think they should have been popping a little bit more after the way they played Thursday.

-Overall, I would say they Defense won the day. The front-seven was swarming and the corners were routinely breaking up plays.

These are just the main things that stuck out to me. There were other things, but I could not tell who it was that made the play at times. I cannot wait until the first game.

Go Bills.

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