The All-Johnson Team With Performance Poll

Among my many pursuits of all things football, I have been looking at NFL rosters, searching for players that may be cut and worth looking at by Mr Nix & Co. I noticed common surnames on many teams including Williams, Smith and Jones, as I'm sure we all expected. Just for fun I put together a roster of active players named Johnson. I used the team pages for input.

The only position unfilled is that of Long-Snapper, but there is a Johnson in college coming out next year, so I'll give that spot to him. The Kicker and Punter spots are filled by one man that has performed both in college.

All-Johnson Team Fun Facts:
1. There are a total of 52 Johnson's on the roster filled from 25 teams and Free Agents (and the UGA LS).
2. There are 3 Charles/Charlies, no other first name repeats.
3. Houston, Tampa Bay and Tennessee provided 3 each, most by any team.
4. Balt, Chicago, GB, Jax, NE, NYJ, and Oakland have no Johnson's. (Insert TWSS joke here.)

First names only listed (after all who wants to read Johnson 52 more times), with the contributing team in parentheses.


QB (2) - Jerrod (Pit), Josh (SF)
FB (1) - Cody (TB)
RB (4) - Chris & Quinn (TN), Jeremiah (DEN), Will (PIT)
WR (9) - Andre & Bryant (HOU), Calvin (DET), Chad (MIA FA), Damaris & Ronald (PHI), Jaymar (AZ), Nick (StL), Stevie (BUF)
TE (2) - Eric (FA), Teyo (FA)
OT (2) - Charles (MIN), Charlie (FA) {What would their nameplates look like if on the same offense?}
OG (3) - Carl (FA), Mike (ATL), Rishaw (SEA)
OC (1) - Al (FA)


DT (3) - Delvin (WASH), Spencer (BUF), Tom (NO)
DE (4) - Charles (CAR), Ethan (KC), George (TB), Michael (CIN)
LB (8) - Brandon (FA), Cam (SF), Delano (HOU), Derrick (KC), James-Michael (CLE), Jarret (SD), Micah (CIN), Steven (DEN)
CB (8) - Bruce (NYG), DJ & Terrence (IND), Jeron (SEA), Leonard (TB), Marquis (NO), Trumaine (StL), Tyrell (MIN)
S (3) - Matt (DAL), Rashad (AZ), Robert (TN)

Special Teams

K/P (1) - Greg (FA)
LS (1) - Billy (From UGA, not in NFL)

Team Strategy: This is my take of how this team should play.


1. QB is less than stellar (I am hoping Tom Brady divorces his current supermodel wife and marries former supermodel Beverly Johnson, then takes her name.) with Josh or Jerrod. I may have to incorporate some full-house backfield formations to give opposing defenses something to waste their practice time. But I would learn the strengths and weaknesses of each and gameplan accordingly.
2. The O-Line is thin so my D-Lineman & LBs will help out in goal line and short yardage formations.
3. Lots of talented WRs, TEs not so much. You will see plenty of 3/4/5 WR sets.
4. Plenty of screens, draws and boot-legs.
5. I have Calvin Johnson! And Andre Johnson! And Stevie! They will be targeted early and often.
6. I also have CJ2K. Hope he is over his post-new contract signing slump from last year.


1. My D-Line depth is thin and LB adequate, so it looks like a 3-4 D. I love blitzing so my model is similar to Pittsburgh's base.
2. My Nickel will be 3-3-5 more than 4-2-5. Did I mention I love blitzing?
3. My Dime is usually 2-S & 4 CBs, but will run the Single-High S and 5 CBs version similar to the Jets versus New England back in Jan '11.
4. I have no problem leaving CBs on an island. General rule is congest inside the numbers. If the opposing QB throws "the out pattern" well, especially the deep out, then my team would have to adjust.

There you have it, "The 2012 All-Johnson Team", and what to expect. Feel free to mention any (active) players I missed.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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