Is Gailey Out of Touch?

Okay, so I know I promised not to post anything until after the season, but this has been bothering me. I feel like that kid in class with his hand up, waiving back and forth and the teacher won't call him. Do you remember that feeling? Well that's how I feel. (MRW please call on the damn kid who always has his hand up)

If you were wondering; I'm not back from retirement; this is strictly just a one post thing. :-)

I want to ask you guys a quick question; that I've wanted to ask for a long time. It's been bothering me, and not one time have I heard anyone bring this up in a discussion.

But is it just me, or does Gailey seems out of touch with the entire team? Before you answer the question, really think about what has a) transpired and b) what he has said.

So what has transpired?

Well from the very beginning of taking over the team, he made a point to say that he will dual hat as both the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. I thought this was a bit much for a coach in his first year with a team that was rebuilding, but I said okay let's see how it works out.

Well how did it work out? Well offensively the team has improved since he's taken over, but the defense has been horrible. He switch the team to a 3-4 defense with out having 3-4 personnel; he hired a coach that was familiar with the defense, but had no experience as a Def Coordinator. It took Gailey 2 years to a) realize the defense was a bad fit for this team 2) realize he had the wrong guy at DC, and 3) That Moats is a OLB in both the 3-4 and 4-3 defense.

So how the heck could he have missed this?

Well I've been listening to some of Gailey interviews and he repeatedly says that he is NOT Involved with the defense. He was asked "how was Gilmore doing in the film room"; "well I'm not sure, I haven't been in there with the DB's". "How was XYZ player performing on defense"? "Oh I don't know, I'm with the offense and QBs at practice". I didn't include the actual videos and sound bites, but I'm sure you all heard them. He has made it clear, that he's NOT involved with the defense no where near as much as he is with the offense. If you don't believe me, all the guys who checked out the practices, did you ever see Gailey with the Defense for any extended period of time? Please don't make me look up these videos to prove my point, but they're all on

Yes I get it, he's the team OC which means he spends more time with the Offense. But as a Head Coach, you need to be in touch with everything. If paying attention, I'm sure all of these and many other things would've never gotten passed him. I mean us Rumblers having been saying this for two years. I hate to think that maybe we could've been a playoff team last year, if he played a more active role with the defense.

It's disturbing to hear him say these things, and I literally cringe when I hear it. I realize this might not bother some of you, but it sure as heck bothers me. Is it just me or have anyone else noticed this? Does it bother you?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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