Offensive and Defensive Cohesion?

Okay, this is my last one, I promise :-)

Yesterday, I posted a write up about Gailey being out of touch and for the most part I had some agree with me; some who didn't, and some who were on the fence.

Now I won't used this post to discuss that topic, but it kind of fall in the same line.

Here's so.

When you look at the 2012 Bills, it's obvious that the strength of this team lies with the Defense. Of all the great signings and draft picks, they all fall on the defensive side of the ball. This Bills defense has a unique opportunity to be a top 5 defense, because on paper they're pretty solid. Most will agree with this.

So when you look around the NFL, you rarely (if ever) see a team that has a dominant defense and an explosive offense. Usually, NFL teams play to their strengths. If you are the Ravens, Niners, Steelers, who are known to have great defenses; offensively they are bit conservative. They run the ball, they pass when they have to, and they play great defense. Their coaches know their teams and build their teams to their strengths. Packers, Patriots, Saints, all have great offenses; they simply try to outscore you and play good enough defense and cause just enough turnovers in order to win ball games.

But when I look at how our Bills are built, it literally seems like there are two different philosophies to win ball games.

On one hand you have an offense, that is pass first offense, that runs the majority of their plays out of 3, 4, and 5 WR sets. Admittedly, a pass to set up the run team. We operate exclusively out of a spread formation; typically with just one back in the backfield. The offensive is built to be an explosive offense; a lot of similarities to the Patriots.

On the other hand, we are building a dominant defense that can literally win ball games for us if we just a) don't turn the ball over and b) make plays when you have to. They try to generate long drives by effectively utilizing the run and pass, which ultimately keeps the defense fresh. The object is to posess and protect the ball. The Steelers and the Ravens have been doing this for years and have been very successful.

So why aren't we playing to our obvious strengths? It's quite evident that our best shot at winning games this year is going to be on the legs of CJ and Fred and our defensive unit. Yet, all indications show that we are going to be running the same pass-happy offense as we did last year. Relying on average to below average talent at QB and WR, to make plays in the passing game; instead of relying on the two best and explosive players on offense (CJ and Fred).

Now I know some of you are saying to yourself, "Chan wants to be a balance team", a team that can play top 10 offense and defense. Houston was probably the best example of this, but Houston had a traditional type of offense. Houston doesn't exclusively operate out of a spread formation like we did/do, they ran the ball out of 2 back sets. They operated from underneath the center as much as they did from the shotgun. Houston was able to win games, defensively when they needed to, and win by running the ball when they had to. This was evident when Schaub went down.

So Bills fan my question to you is, where is the offensive and defensive cohesion? Shouldn't the other hand know what the other hand is doing? What is going to be the formula for us to win games this year? More importantly, Is Gailey designing an offensive scheme that takes advantage of what potentially can be a top 5 defense? If you believe he isn't designing an offensive scheme that compliment our potentially top 5 defense, why isn't he?

I'll let you guys answer these questions. I'm sure by my write-up and the tone of this post, that you already know what my answer is.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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