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Post 1st preseason game mind dump time. Personally I thought all of the NFL preseason games were just plain awful. Almost all of them were just extremely sloppy and almost all good players looking mediocre. It's funny because some of the rookies "stole the show" but i'm sure we know how that's going to go.

RG3 - Did anyone see RG3's quote that the Bills games was a confirmation for him that he could play? Does anyone remember JP Losman thinking it was going to be easy after that 1st Texans game? ya - I did too.

I think the Torell Troup and Alex Carrington experiment is officially over. Too bad for Troup, that's some awful luck right there for a guy that works as hard as he does. It's a damn shame.

Tyler Thigpen better get cut. He's as inaccurate of a passer as i've ever seen in the NFL. He makes me want Levi Brown back (truth be told, I really do).

I use to hate refs; now I hate replacement refs.

Kyle Moore looked pretty good at times in the 2nd half of the 1st preseason game that you all watched didn't he?

Keeping John Potter I think will work. I wasn't too keen on it but he'll kick it out of the end-zone every time. Not only will that save players but it will allow the Bills to think differently on who they keep on the back end of their roster. It could end up netting 1 or 2 players. Was Sebastian Janikowski the best value in the 98 draft at this point? People mocked the Raiders for taking a kicker, but man he's one hell of a good kicker and the league just helped him.

I like Naaman Roosevelt better than Jones, Aiken and Session. Too bad he won't get a chance. He's just one of those guys that produces. Not the fastest or best athlete but always doing the right thing.

Chan Rinehart is disappointing me. Too bad too because i'm on the trade Eric Wood for anything because the guys never healthy and put Urbik at center club.

I think Chan and Buddy are more delusional than I thought they were in regards to thinking Fitzpatrick can win the Super Bowl with this team. Did anyone else laugh when he threw the ball out of bounds on that deep ball? I did, hysterically. I know it was only the 1st preseason game but that was just so "vintage" Fitzpatrick is pathetic.

We need a complete tight end. But Scott Chandler is going to be very good for us.

I think TJ Graham is getting "number 2" reps by the 4th game. He's too fast and perfect for this system not to. Especially with this collection of nobodies lining up next to Johnson and Nelson.

Does anyone want to put down what they would do for an Olympic football team that the USA would put together? I was surprised no one did it. To start i'd have Aaron Rodgers throwing to Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson with Adrian Peterson in the backfield. That's just a start. Although an NFL Olympic football team isn't realistic. I honestly think we'd just hurt everyone and win by 75 every game because we sat our starters after the 1st half. Even against Canada. It'd be Canada and the USA in the finals, probably by default.

I know it was the 1st preseason game but 14 straight passes and Fitz and Chan both thought it was o.k.? I know it's not a big deal but what a bunch of morons.

Anyone hop over to Patspulpit and see where they don't see any game on their schedule in which they'll lose a game? I remember times like that. I can't wait for Brady to retire.

I'm a pretty big fan of Spencer Johnson and Dwan Edwards being our backup DTs. Those 2 could start for most teams at the DT position. Better not cut either of them.

Ralph Wilson is a funny sarcastic man.

Dorin Dickerson hasn't done anything for me at all. I thought he'd be a real contender to make this team but i'm not seeing it anymore. McIntyre sticks, which is good because he's a really, really good football player.

I think Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to hold this team back. I'm not sure how far because we don't have very many quality receivers but I just don't think he's going to get it done and is going to make stupid throws and cost this team dearly.

I hope Williams and Gilmore play a lot of press. Both are physical corners and with our defensive line that should help tremendously.

I remember being so mad when Buddy let Lee Evans go, then he turned out to be monumentally right. Too bad for Lee, such a good guy. I wonder if he was competitive enough for Buddy. Especially after watching him get the ball knocked away in the AFC Championship game. That's a ball you need to secure, Lee.

I think that's it, maybe not.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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