Why Buffalo Can Win The Division

Hopefully this will be a fun fanpost and we'll get Jets, Dolphins and Pats fans here to give us their arguments. It's time to look at reasons why Buffalo could win the division and go to the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

The contenders:


It is of this amateurs opinion that the Patriots are the biggest threat to the Bills. Interestingly enough anybody out of Buffalo thinks that it's the Bills that are probably the Patriots biggest threat, and their right. But i'm not going to word it that way.

There are 2 main reasons why I think Buffalo has a good shot at getting over the Patriots hump: Offensive and Defensive lines.

Go ask any Patriot fan and I bet they tell you that their offensive line is their biggest concern right now. It's kind of a mess in a way. Solder is going to LT and has underwhelmed when he's been on the field, Brian Waters (I believe) still hasn't reported to camp and both Mankins and Koppen are coming off of injury. Although that is less of a concern because lots of NFL players come back from injury.

The other issue is pass rush. Rookie pass rushers usually don't come in and light the league on fire. Some do, don't get me wrong but traditionally that is a position that takes a few years to get accustomed to. Chandler Jones is trying to replace our very own Mark Anderson and Andre Carter still hasn't signed with anyone (to my knowledge).

Kurupt can give you some insight on Chandler Jones if he wouldn't mind, but essentially he was a big fan of the Patriots grabbing Jones. After watching Jones myself in orange I tend to agree with him.

The Patriots pass rush has a lot of work to do. Anyone know the 2 best ways to win in the NFL? Pass and pressure the passer right? Well they still have Tom Brady but they also have a very susceptible offensive line and their pass rush is a major question mark.


Honestly i'm not worried about the Jets at all, well at least their offense. They have Mark Sanchez throwing to a bunch of people that makes the Bills WRs look popular (not true, but funny). Seriously, they have almost an identical cast of nobodies at the WR position. I guess we're better off in that we have D. Nelson but Holmes and Stevie pretty much cancel each other out. Plus they have Mark Sanchez as their QB and they still think he's good enough to win. "But he took them to the AFC Championship game his first 2 years". Well his 55.3 completion percentage, 53/51 TD to INT ratio and 6.5 YPA doesn't really scare anyone. Not that Fitz is any better, but Sanchez is hardly anything to write home about.

As long as Rex Ryan is running the show they'll have a good defense. But who's going to be scoring enough to keep them in games?


Let's see: First year HC, probably first year QB with no WR's and completely new schemes on offense and defense. We just did that 2 years ago and how did it turn out? Sorry Dolphins fans but I really don't have a ton more to add. That's just the way it is.

Those are the issues the other divisional foes have which will give Buffalo a good shot to win the Division Title. We have our weaknesses too; namely QB, WR and CB but overall we are a pretty solid team. If we remain healthy for the majority of the season we should be right in contention at the end of the year to maybe snatch that division title out of the Patriots hands. Will it happen? Probably not, but there's as good a chance this year to do it as their's been in quite a while. I don't think many would argue that.

So what do you say AFCE fans? Does Buffalo have a good shot at getting the thrown this year in the AFCE?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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