More night articles?

To Brian, MRW, the rest of the staff, and the Rumblers community:

I'm writing tonight to voice a respectful, earnest opinion about the timing of the articles that hit the front page. Our writers and editors here at Buffalo Rumblings are to be commended for the great job that they do, coming up with the latest news as well as commentary, history, and other Bills bits. Indeed, the level of thought-provoking material that BR produces is a strength of this place, and extremely enjoyable for readers. But would the articles written here be even better delivered by being spaced out more during the day?

The first time I can usually log on to Rumblings is at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. At this point, almost every day, there are usually multiple articles (usually between 2 and 4) that weren't there the last time I logged on yesterday. That's great. They contain the day's worth of great information, and I typically tear through them while winding down from the workday, rushing to catch up to some of the dialogue that's take place earlier. However, as I check back at various points in the afternoon/evening, hoping for more Bills news or commentary, there are usually none to be found for the duration of the day. There can be an interesting or humorous FanPost here and there. But rarely is there a real story to hit the front page from that point onward. It's a mite disappointing.

That's the way it's been around here for a while. Not many here would complain about the quality of our community articles. Yet I, perhaps among others, would like it if there was something new to read on the front page, a nightly nugget of narration, a tasty bit of text, to pore over when we logged in periodically at night. A reason to check up on the site once or twice during the later day as we had free time. Many Rumblers have plenty of time in the morning to read and comment on the early cluster of daily info. I envy them. I understand that peak business time (and perhaps ideal writing time) is from 8am-5pm. But that means, consequently, that peak Internet time is immediately following those hours, perhaps from 5 to 11 pm. Shouldn't there be an article or two postponed until later in the day for such an environment?

Possible benefits of having staggered articles through the day:

-Reader energy/excitement for reading Rumblings kept up through the day

-More general site traffic during peak Internet times

-More face time for each article being at the top of the page (leading to more comments and more attention being paid to each individual article)

I urge the Rumblings powers that be to consider, if not an exact blueprint of one, at least some form of a staggered daily article schedule. It could be an easy way to improve our favorite Bills blog for everyone. Wouldn't that be worth it? What do others (users, writers, editors, and administrators) think?

Thanks for reading,


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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