SJ13, Our Fair-weather Friend

I don't know how to start this write up other than by saying SJ is an overrated player. I am not out to purposely hate on Bills players, but, the subject of SJ has been bothering me for quite sometime. After reading this site all off season as well as listening to the talking heads now. I had a few minutes to dive into SJ's stats from last year. I had came to the conclusion that his 1000 yrd mile mark, sacred cow 2 yrs in a row, is an extremely misleading statistic in the affect that he truly has in a game.

I am referring to statistic categories primarily of 20+ yards, YAC, 1DN, and we can do a few others. I want to just show where he ranks league wide. I remember not caring if we resigned him or not, but, I do remember thinking that he was really all we had for a #1 guy.

These are his rankings per ESPN in the wide receiver category.

1st Downs: tied for 25th with 45 (6 TE coming before him, highest was 77)

YAC: 42nd with 325 (highest was 732)

YRDS/GM: 31st with 62.8 (highest was 105.1).

20+: tied for 35th with 13 (highest was 32, almost double). Although not known for his breakout speed he is a #1 WR and should have, IMHO, the big play threat. This can be compared with his YAC, which he also did poorly as he ranked 42 when there are 32 teams.

Long: tied for 66th with 55 yrds as his longest (highest being 99). I don't think this stat is entirely important, but, does also show the "big play" ability.

TD: tied for 25th with 7 (highest was 17). He is 5 TDs away from being in the top 5.

AVG: 116th with 13.2. This is a strange stat because the top guy only has two targets, but, I'll do that category next.

Targets: 9th with 135. (highest was181). As you can see, it is surprising how poorly ranked he is in other categories while being one of the most highly targeted receivers in the league.

REC: tied 18th with 76 (highest was 122).

I am not particularly a stat guy as I go on the feeling that I get from a player when I watch the game. You can come to your own conclusions about these stats, but, I just thought I would share them all with you if you have not seen them. I guess this write up is fairly bias because I was at the Steelers game when he dropped that TD pass and I guess I have not been able to fully trust him yet. I want to like him and trust that he will come through in the clutch, but, I just can't. I don't know if anyone is feeling the same way. I just don't think that we should settle for players. He deserves to be on the team just maybe not our #1.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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