Take on the season

Hello Rumblers I have a lot to say, so, here goes:
1. If anyone has sports card questions, you can email me. However, here are the basics that I will expand upon at a later date: If you want to see your collection increase in value, buy only rookie cards. I'd focus on short prints since there are "only" X copies of any specific rookie card (RC). I'd buy them in this order: QB, WR, RB, TE (unless we are talking about the second coming of Gates etc), DE/OLB, OT, DB, OL, ILB, rest. As u can see, offense sells. More people collect rookies that put up points then great defensive players. Reggie White and Bruce Smith were 2 of the best game changing defensive players ever, yet, their RC's can be had for a fraction of what Kelly's USFL RC goes for. Lastly, if singles are too risky, buy boxes or cases and keep them closed. The prices go up if there are any stars in the set. In 1979 hockey packs were .15c each, today, they are 50.00 each (due to Gretzky's RC). Buy during off season. This is not the time to buy football b/c it is in full swing. Wait until the season is over and prices fall.

2. I watched the game and was (somewhat) okay with the result. I saw a few things that some might not have noticed. In the first, the Bills were clearly the better team. They game planned for the Steelers preseason O and D and were better. After Decastro went down, the mood changed. Their coach decided to go nuts with the playbook and really go after our guys. Those blitzes we saw were what you'd see in a game, and predictably, the team wasn't prepared for that. I'd rather see Fitz throw a pass away rather then take a sack or throw a pick. He did that. His 3 batted passes bugged me, but, he can work out those kinks. I was kinda shocked when Fitz and Stevie weren't on the same page on 3 passes. It was very odd. It became obvious in the second half that Pitt were very angry at the loss of Decastro and wanted to win the game when they sent out their 1's vs. our 2's. I am not a VY fan, but, he had no shot. And (predictably), he failed, and that is not a big shock. Better QBs with better talent (then the 2s we had out with him) have failed, so, that is not a knock. We may have lost the game, but, I think we won the night based on these facts A. No injuries (whereas they lost a very important part of their team) B. We got to see how much work the OL needs to do to be ready for the blitzes that the Jets will do to them. The OL needs to be healthy by week 1. C. The defense will be fine. They would never play that way in a real game. They hardly ever blitzed in the game so, I a fine. Pitt wanted to make a statement, the Bills wanted to play a preseason football game. D. This game came down to 3 plays that decided it. The fumble by CJ, the third down completion at Pitts. 2, and the second half pick against Young. In a league that is so close, that is all you need to win. The Bills will learn from this experience against one of the better teams.

3. Lets look at the season and 53 man rosters:
@ Jets The Jets have looked worse the us. We win in a nail-biter. Buf 1-0 KC They get revenge for last year. Buf 1-1 @ Cleve Bills win another close but sloppy game. 2-1 NE Buffalo has lightning strike twice as we witness a Brady meltdown 3-1

@ SF We all expect a loss after an emotional win 3-2

@ Ariz I think the Cards are terrible and in free fall. Bills win. 4-2 Tenn Second year QB on the road, sold out Ralph, Bills win. 5-2

@ Hou Bye week no help for Buffalo. 5-3

@ NE NE gets revenge Buf is 5-4 Miami Home sweet home. 6-4

@ Indy Luck isn't so lucky with his OL vs our DL Bills win 7-4

Jack Jack will be bad on road. Bills 8-4

St. Louis 4th win in a row for team has everyone excited. Rams tough, but, not on road today. 9-4

Seattle Seattle good at home, but, really tough road trip for them. Bills win 10-4

@ Miami Stupid fish win 10-5

Jets Bills close out great year and this is final game for that loud-mouthed coach of theirs. Final record 11-5

Roster breakdown
QB Fitz, T. Jackson, Smith

FB Corey Mac

Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, Choice (White can't stay healthy)

TE Chandler, Lee Smith

WR Steve Johnson, Donald Jones, David Nelson, TJ Graham, Derek Hagen

OL Glenn, Levetrie, Wood, Urbik, Pears, Hairston, Rhinehart, Young, Sanders

total 23

DE Mario Williams, Anderson, Kelsey, Moore, Gilbert

DT Dareus, Williams, Spencer Johnson, Dwan Edwards

LB Moats, Sheppard, Barnett, Morrison, Byran Scott, Carder, Bradham

DB Gilmore, A. Williams, McGee, McKelvin, Brooks, Rogers, Byrd, Wilson, Searcy, Howell

total 26 Specialists

K Lindell Potter

P Moorman

LS Sandborn

I updated the list to include Jackson at QB. I think he is pretty bad too, but, if he can learn the system, I think he might be okay. I suspect the guy who will be cut to make room is Thigpen. I said a while back that the primary function of the backup QB is not cost your team a victory and VY did that yesterday. Those 2 INT were terrible. It is too early for me to think of Practice Squad. However, If I had to guess, I'd say:
Dickerson, Cameron, Eddins, P Miller, Aiken, Brock or Fendi, C. White (LB), I. Green (CB).

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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