The Backup QB Spot

We've officially reached DEFCON-5 in regards to the Bills backup QB spot. Never in my life have I seen so much debate over a backup QB. From Thigpen to Vince Young to Tarvaris Jackson the Bills fan base has never been so over concerned about the backup QB position. If we were sitting here talking about a QB competition between guys like Flutie or Johnson I could see but this is over just filling the position adequately.

I'm actually quite happy that these conversations are happening. If our biggest talking point 2 weeks before the season starts is who our backup QB is going to be then how has Buddy Nix done in retooling our beloved Buffalo Bills?

I'm really at a loss on how to start this conversation. I've been a huge supporter of dumping Tyler Thigpen and was happy when Vince Young was brought in because it showed that the Bills didn't think Thigpen could handle the backup QB job. Then Vince Young looks completely lost and like he's never even played in an NFL game before this preseason and the Bills cut bait and trade a late draft pick for Tarvaris Jackson and all of a sudden the Bills have no idea how to manage their roster?

I don't understand how a team attempting to make a position stronger means that they don't know how to manager their roster. Did anyone think that VY was going to flop that bad? And if they did would they be happy with Buddy and Chan for not making a move to upgrade that position in case Fitz went down during the season? How happy would us fans be if we were in a Jay Cutler situation last year where the backup QB couldn't guide a 7-3 team to the playoffs by going 1-5 down the stretch? Especially with the working knowledge of how these players looked with the ball club and our own players in the preseason.

Based off of Vince Youngs and Tyler Thigpens preseasons was anybody (pipe down, Fernando) comfortable with having either of them in the game if Fitz went down? I'll give you a "oh hell no" on that proposition. So Buddy gives a 6th rounder for a QB that almost couldn't possibly look worse than the 2 players holding down the current position and they don't know how to manage the QB position? Say what you want about hinging their future to Fitz but the fact that Buffalo has attempted to bring in an upgrade at a position that we all saw as a weakness is a good thing. This is not a negative thing and we shouldn't look at it that way. Buddy actively tries to upgrade any position that isn't performing and has shown this time and time again.

I have no idea how fans can be upset about cutting players who cannot perform in our systems and replacing them with players who have a chance to. What good is it if Thigpen or VY know the schemes if they cannot be successful in it? What difference does it make if Thigpen knows the playbook in and out if he throws pick 6's? What difference does it make if VY knows part of the playbook but throws interceptions against 2nd and 3rd stringers?

If I were Buddy i'd actively look for an upgrade there too. If it didn't work out then try again, at least he's not resting on his laurels and hoping that when thrown into the fire those guys will step up and play well. Because they certainly haven't shown their capable this far and I couldn't be happier that Buddy is going out and trying to improve this football team. After all, that is his job.

So why is this such a hot topic for us Bills fans? Is it because we don't think Fitz is good enough and we'd be better off bringing in a guy that can compete with him for the job? Is it because there aren't a ton of question marks on this roster anymore so we're bored? Is it because VY is a controversial figure and everything is stemming from that?

Help me out here Bills fans because i'm at a loss as to why this topic is so controversial.

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