Midnight Joe! Batting .333

Good Evening Night Rumblers,

Yes, this means that I’m officially out of retirement and if you wondering it has only been three weeks; which is about a week longer than I thought I was going to last. :-)

So I guess you’re wondering why I decided to come back. Well I think the site needed me. Just last week one of our fellow Rumblers DYL wrote a pretty good post asking if Brian and Crew can post some of their articles at night, so that some of the “Night Rumblers” can have something interesting to read while they’re at work, leaving work, or getting home. Of course they wanted something more professional with great pictures, concepts, and more exposure (front page), but I guess they will just have to settle for a reincarnation of the Morning Joe! Series. But don’t worry Night Rumblers, I’ll try my best to live up to the high standards of Brian and Crew and dish out some great topics and stories, and I’ll promise to use the spell check and proof read my post.

Okay so let’s get to the good stuff.

Since the firing of Dick Jauron and beyond, us Bills fans have been pretty consistent with what positions we wanted this team to target via Free Agency, Draft, and Trade. If this was baseball the front office will be doing pretty well going 2 for 6 with a .333 batting average. In case you were wondering, here’s how our I came to our batting average:

First at Bat: QB- Over the past few seasons, we have been yelling for Nix to finally get us a franchise QB or develop one. We’ve had our opportunities, but Nix has failed to pull the trigger. We had our shot at some of the younger guys such as Ponder, Dalton, Mallet, Wilson; as well with some of the older guys such as Palmer, McNabb, Kolb, Flynn, and Vick. But Nix is sticking with Fitzpatrick for the foreseeable future, so I guess we will have to wait a little bit longer. 0 for 1 (Strike Out-Caught Looking)

2nd at Bat: DE/OLB- It seems as if has been an eternity since we had a guy or guys that can routinely get to the passer. Schoebel was the last guy that was able to rush the passer consistently from the outside and he decided that he rather retire early than to play another down in Buffalo. Since Schoebel we haven’t had a guy on the outside that defenses feared. Nix tried with Merriman, but that failed miserably, but to Nix’s credit he finally listened to our prayers, and bought us two proven pass rushers in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. 1 for 2 (Home Run)

3rd at Bat: WR- Boy do I miss the days of Moulds and Price; Reed and Lofton. Since Mould and Price departure we’ve been begging for a tandem like that one, but we were only able to get an Evans and Josh Reed; Evans and TO, and Stevie and……Yeah, I guess you get my point. Since Nix has gotten here, he placed very little value on the WR position by failing to land a big time WR that can play opposite of Stevie. He passed on signing proven veteran WR’s, and passed up on young talents at WR; Michael Floyd is the first name that comes to mind. 1 for 3 (Pop Fly)

4th at Bat: TE- I give up. I think we will NEVER draft a TE. We sure had our shot at several good ones. Gronk, Hernandez, Fleener, Rudolph, Pettigrew, Graham; the list goes on and on. Yet, we’re stuck with the next best thing, Scott Chandler. Chandler an athletically limited TE; with good hands and below average blocking ability; who is virtually non-existent between the 20’s. Yet, he is probably the best TE that we’ve had since Jay Riemersma. 1 for 4 (Weak Grounder)

5th at Bat: LT- We finally got a potential franchise caliber LT in Cordy Glen. Since we flaked on Mike Williams about 9 years ago, I think this organization has been a little gun shy with taking lineman that high. We managed to get by with converted TE Jason Peters, who left us for more money and more Pro Bowls. We tried that same formula with Demtress Bell, but he left us for Eagles just like Peters. Now we draft Cordy Glen; a 1st round talent who we took in the 2nd round, which was a steal in my opinion as not too many of us would’ve argued if he was drafted with our first pick. I’m just glad we didn’t take the Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin who now plays with Miami. Please, did anybody see him get bulldozed during the Dolphins practice during Hard Knocks episode? He also got demolished the same way against John Abraham during this past preseason game, geez. 2 for 5 (Double)

6th at Bat: Head Coach- I know, I know, I know…You all love Mega Mind, but he wasn’t that loved when we got him in 2010. In fact, there was a lot of venom on this site back then and it amazes me every time I see an approval rating above 90%. But I can’t blame you guys for hating the Gailey selection initially, I mean we were entertaining the idea of bringing in Super Bowl coaches such as Mike Shannahan, Bill Cowher, and John Gruden. Ralph Wilson even said it; money was no issue and that he wanted a proven coach at the helm. So we go get Chan Gailey whose resume don’t quite matches up to those guys. But with a ringing endorsement from Bill Cowher, we were sold. But there is still a need/urge to finally get the guy that has proven that he can win consistently in this league; a guy with a proven track record that can take us to the promise land. 2 for 6 (Strike Out-Swung and Miss)

Well if this was baseball OBD will be in the Hall of Fame, but unfortunately this is football and batting .333 will get you fired. So what are your thoughts? Where is our next hit coming from?

Of course this wouldn't be a Joe! if it didn't force you to answer some questions about the future of some players and coaches. If you answer our next hit will come at the QB position, that mean Fitz stunk it up this season and we are going in another direction. So think wisely about your answer and be prepared to go to "bat" :-)

Good night and enjoy your Joe!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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