Haven't Been Around For A While.

Hello all, I haven't had a post on Buffalo Rumblings for almost an entire calendar year and I felt it was time for me to come out of the woodwork haha.

I just wanted to touch on few things that I feel is either flying under the radar or kind of going unnoticed (in my mind at least).

1.) The aquisition of Travaris Jackson in a year when we play the NFC West:

I can't honestly sit here and say that I am over joyed with the aquisition of Travaris Jackson but I can't say that it bothers me that much either. Is tyler Thigpen the answer? NO, is Vince Young the answer? NO so why not at least bring a guy in that has 2 years exp against a division we don't see very often and in a year where we definatly feel we can contend. I honestly feel this is a very smart move by Buddy Nix. Not only does this move give us some extra scouting help it gives us a guy that has proven he can at least start and not be awful in the NFL.

2.) Kirk Morrison taking reps at ILB:

Now before I go any further I just want to say i haven't had a chance to see the pittsburgh game yet. But Kelvin Sheppard has not shown me he can be a legitimate starting MLB in the NFL, Kirk Morrison on the other hand has,and actually had some really good years in Oakland and in Jacksonville. Are those years behind him? Maybe, but I am willing to give him a shot and let Kelvin develop a bit more? I am. I am sorry, but through my eyes, we need someone other than Kelvin in the middle this year (at least from what i have seen).

3.) If Luke Keuchly was available we would have drafted him:

I have had the luxury of seeing the Carolina Panthers play all 3 pre season games (sarcastic) but in my time of viewing these games Kuechly has been a beast. Stout against the run and great against the pass and he's only going to get better.

4.) Our Secondary has been below average:

Going into the draft there were many rumblings that we needed some help in the secondary, that couldn't have been more accurate as we drafted 2 CB's (Gilmore and Brooks) and had below average play from our CB's in 2011. Well Forence is gone, mcgee is a shadow of his former self and McKelvin well has been McKelvin as consistent as my wives sex drive hahahah (lacking). But it's been the lack of play from Williams and Gilmore that has me concerned a bit. Rogers is coming back and Brooks looks to be very raw but he has shown some upside so hopefully we can turn this around heading into the season and at the very least have a bunch of young energetic corners challenging jump balls and getting in throwing lanes.

5.) Our Offence will be fine:

I can tell Chan is holding back a bit so far in pre season. he hasn't had David run any seam routes (at least in the first 2 games) He hasn't let Cj or Fred run those under route screens that work so effectivly and Stevie for the most part has been taking it easy coming off the surgery. We are going to be in tough week 1 in NY against a very good D but I have a good feeling about our offence I really do.

6.) The Last 1, The importance of our Week 1 game!

I had a friend ask me last year if Buffalo was legit, we were 5-2 at the time and were just coming off our win over the Redskins and I replied " The whole season will come down to this weeks game against the Jets, if we beat the Jets I can definatly see playoffs and if we lose, we will lose bad and our season will go down the sh***er " Well we lost, we lost bad and our season went down the crapper. Alot of people (including me) believed that win over the Pats was the first stepping stone,and as nice and as awesome as that was, it really didn't do anything for us other then put us on the National scene when we weren't ready for the limelight. We are ready for the limelight this year our offseason proved that but we NEED and I reitterate NEED to beat the Jets. Since Rex was hired in NY they have dominated us (yes I know we won that game when Sanchez through like 6 picks but we barley won a game where the opposing QB threw 6 picks) The Jets have owned us and we really really need to turn a new leaf and walk into NY and beat them. Not only would it make us 1-0 but it makes a divisional rival 0-1 and it gives us Home Field advantage for the rest of the year. We need the W in week 1. I can honestly sit here and say/type this if we don't win week 1 against the Jets, we won't make the playoffs.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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