Fantasy week over how did you do

the majority of the fantasy drafts are done or will be done by the weeks end so this post is to go over the few questions i have

how do you guys think you did

what would you have changed

did it go according to plan

first off this was my draft i was hoping to pick 12th and ended up in the dreaded 4th spot

picking 4th has to be the worst spot to draft it forces you to make a huge decision and only have 60 seconds to think about how to do the entire draft off that one pick

i was hoping someone would pick Rodgers in the top 3 leaving me either Mccoy or Rice

leaving me with the choice between Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers this was a tough choice due to the fact i dont value the QB position much and prefer to have the RB stable but i made the correct call and drafted

4Aaron Rodgers, GB QB i did so because of the trade value Rodgers has Calvin would of been a nice pick as well but the trade value isnt as high as Rodgers

my second pick was coming around and the spacing between my second and third pick was close enough to double up on Running backs and i grabbed

21Adrian Peterson, Min RB

i was targeting Fred Jackson in the third unfortunately so was the guy drafting right before me leaving me between two backs Richardson and Micheal Turner and i went with the back who has more upside as a backfield pass catcher over the bruiser type back

28Trent Richardson, Cle RB

heres where the draft got interesting for me at the bottom of the fourth round i had a pretty nice player drop to me knowing i could trade for another Running back if i chose so

45Peyton Manning, Den QB

of course i had to grab my SJ13 before i missed out in the fifth

52Steve Johnson, Buf WR

the rest of the draft i focused on upside

69Doug Martin, TB RB

76Roy Helu, Wsh RB

93Reggie Wayne, Ind WR

100Nate Washington, Ten WR

117Justin Blackmon, Jac WR

124Jared Cook, Ten TE

141Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QB

148Rashard Mendenhall, Pit RB

165Bills D/ST D/ST

172Greg Olsen, Car TE

189Nate Kaeding, SD K

i was pretty happy with this draft knowing that i can trade either Manning or Rodgers for that fourth Running back

after a few trade proposals i ended up trading Payton Manning Roy Helu and Nate Washington for Ryan Matthews Ben Tate and Kenny Britt

i did drop Mendenhall after picking up Tate in the trade and picked up Russel Wilson for a nice week one match up against Arizona

My roster as it sits looks like this

QBRussell Wilson, Sea QB

RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB

RB Trent Richardson, Cle RB

RB/WRDoug Martin, TB RB

WR Steve Johnson, Buf WR

WRReggie Wayne, Ind WR

TE Greg Olsen, Car TE

D/ST Bills D/ST D/ST

K Nate Kaeding, SD K

BenchAaron Rodgers, GB QB

Bench Justin Blackmon, Jac WR

Bench Jared Cook, Ten TE

Bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QB

Bench Kenny Britt, Ten WR

Bench Ben Tate, Hou RB

Bench Ryan Mathews*, SD RB
I have a verbal agreement to send Richardson in return receiving Roddy White
would love to hear thoughts and feedback on how your drafts went and as always good luck this year

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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