Buffalo Bills Training Camp Report: August 3

Editor's Note: This was awesome from top to bottom. Thanks, Cinga! - BG

Hey Rumblers! I wanted to take a few minutes to give you my visuals from yesterday at camp. I'm going to take a little different approach, and only hit on the ones with a couple notes, but my focus was more on the coaches, and some of the players that stood out, while doing their best to either make the squad, or trying their hardest to unseat a vet...

But first, all of you I think know of my long lost "sister", Wyo too...

I felt truly blessed to finally learn who Wyo was, and that we had actually grown up together, and have looked forward to this trip to camp to see her once again, and obviously, take in some Bills football. We met up soon after I arrived at camp, wife and a "special" brother in tow. My brother is a giant of a man, but he's been compensated in life for being slow, with an overabundance of love, and seeing Wyo again was all the more special to me, to be able to see the looks on both of their faces at the reunion. Anyone who knows her, or even of her, knows how special Wyo is, and even my wife, who had never met her, was immediately best friends with her.

A truly wonderful afternoon if for that reason alone.... But on to the Bills!!!

Fitzy... folks, he may have only been having a bad day, but he is STILL not setting his feet! Throwing off his back foot, and not stepping into a throw. Lee was constantly on him right after each play, apparently to give him some insight which was heartening. But he threw a couple picks where the receivers were actually open causing me to wince in pain....

Stevie... I know Matt posted groin, but he was being worked on in front of me, and it looked like cramps to us.

Merriman...He ran with the ones maybe cause Andersen was sidelined, but he sure looked good.

Mario.. It's amazing. He's amazing, nuff said

Kyle is back

D line is finding their groove.

Cordy... Looks lazy at times. On one run play, Glenn and Levitre (I think) doubled up Merriman, and should have pancaked him with that much beef. Merriman took one step back, but held his ground otherwise, tying up both blockers.

Searcy... Folks, this kid is the real deal. All over the field, and a general when out there too, putting people in the right position. A number of standout plays.

A Williams... Stuck good enough with Easley on a deep pass to break it up, but if Brooks keeps up his play from yesterday, he's going to push to start opposite Gilmore. Who btw, is the real deal, but I did see at least 2 times, he would have been flagged for PI... Too aggressive??

Since I'm on DBs, then best out there yesterday were Byrd, Gilmore, Searcy, and Brooks in that order. Catavalous (?), the CB coach, sits about 30 yards behind the defense to watch their play, and will run up after almost all of them, to give some input to his players. T Mac, only played a little in 7-7 and full squad, but darn it, he's still got it!!!!

Big Pete, Wanny, Joe D, were the most noticeable, but all the assistants were in the middle of everything. Chan is his usual self, standing in the middle of the offensive backfield, watching from there, play card in hand. He would give the play to Monkins, who would relay to the players.

Backup QB... we don't have one unless you count Brad Smith who looked better than Young or Thiggy. Young is lazy, drags his feet back to the huddle, holds the ball too long, and would have been sacked on every other play if they were allowed to hit the QB. I watched him one one, a simple curl with Roosey, he watched him the whole way, waited until Naaman stopped, then threw him the ball.... He caught it of course, Roosey catches everything, and then got laid out... Sorry FB.....Thigs was Thigs.. Completed some, but completed too many others to the guys in blue. I hope Smith throws out of the wildcat. It seriously looked like he's been working on accuracy. and it's paying off.

I don't know why, but it seemed the coaches were giving extra work to a couple players to note....

Sessions.... This kid will stick somewhere, if not here. Had some good grabs in tight coverage, looking like he has the nads to fight for the ball. Tough camp for him though, since Donald looks good, Roosey saw time with the ones too, and Hagan.... He is going to be hard NOT to keep...

Dickerson... Got a lot of red zone work and caught everything he touched I'm really liking him, and think he's going to be the 3rd TE.

Ruvell.... I don't want someone to make the squad as a special teamer, and apparently, either do the coaches. He lined up mostly with the 2s, but caught almost everything thrown at him, that is, if Searcey wasn't near him... No one caught anything near Searcey yesterday....

Moats... I see Matt mentioned he was running with the ones... But he was also running along with Shep, in nickle packages and looks much more comfortable out there than years past.

The rook kickers... At the end of practice, the team was doing some 2 minute red zone stuff, and ole faithfuls, Lindell and Moorman were, on their own, at the other end, honing their craft. As the rooks stood there.......... watching.......instead of following suit.... I wanted to yell at them to get over there and work with them!!!! if they expect to compete!!!!

Folks, I have a ton of pics and all too, and will try to get some up in the next day or two. Heading over again soon, and will get some more. Taking the wifey to the falls tomorrow before driving back to MD, and will take our time going through the south towns for nostalgia....

Anything you have questions on, feel free to ask. I'll be around for another couple hours before heading over again...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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