Ten Reasons Why the Bills Can Win the Super Bowl (Part 1)

Whats up Bills Nation. As you read in my last story, I will be placing a serious bet in favor of the Bills winning the AFC East, the AFC Conference, and the Super Bowl. In a bet that appears to be far fetched, one can think of the positives within this organization that can shine some solid light into this action. Below are ten reasons why I think the Bills can potentially achieve each of these milestones, and most importantly; the Super Bowl.

1) Our D-line has league best potential (arguably as the Giants and 49ers have the edge due to the fact that they are more proven). This defensive line is vicious and sack hungry, and should be feared by ALL. Based on reports from training camp, Mark Anderson has been a stand-out player and has been all over the field. This is great to hear as I was extremely happy with this follow up signing to Mario Williams (which brings me to my next point); Mario Williams. Super Mario is the face of the Buffalo Bills and with his presence, the sky is the limit for this unit as a whole. Seeing #94 on the Bills with a black visor will become a household sight as it can make a Bills fan feel proud, and Tom Brady take a hunk of dookie before the first snap. And how can I forget, we have arguably the best defensive tackle duo in the league (Meatball and Dareus). Dareus is going to have an All-Pro season, as Kyle Williams could do so as well if he is healthy. All four of our starters have at least Pro Bowl potential, and not many fans can say that about their team's defensive line unit. Also we have great depth in run-stopper Chris Kelsay and a potentially rejuvenated Shawne Merriman who could serve as significant contributors. Also, Arthur Moats is a sleeper as he will certainly be brought in for special packages which could get him some SACKS (Although if it were up to me, I'd start Moats at OLB instead of Morrison...Call me crazy but nobody, NOBODY, crosses the Toast.


2) Our running back duo is SERIOUS. Both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller are extremely versatile and could strongly contribute in both the running game, and the passing game. Fred Jackson was a top 3 running back before his injury, yet many analysts have Jackson within the 25-40 player-rank range. I am going to negate these rankings and certainly add Jackson to my fantasy team as I know what he is capable of doing (based off of his play from last season). Jackson's game is one of a kind as his elusiveness, size, and toughness combine to make one hell of a football player. CJ Spiller was one of the best college running backs of all time and his second half play last year showed that he is here to stay. Spiller can have a Darren Sproles like effect in Chan Gailey's offense this season and could hold great fantasy value. Both of these guys are extremely talented and deserve more respect...But don't worry, they will get the respect after this season. The sky is the limit for this duo and has a ceiling of being a top three (or higher) unit in the NFL. I am a huge Fred Jackson fan and love everything he puts onto the football field, and I am strongly convinced that CJ Spiller can be an asset in the Bills system for a long time.


3) Our cornerback unit is filled with potential. Our top two corners (Stephon Gilmore and Aaron Williams) have All-Pro potential if they play to their ceilings. Williams is one of my favorite players on this young defense as he has shown flashes of being a strong player for this organization with his physical presence, and his smart overall play. Gilmore can be a better NFL player than earlier pick Morris Claiborne if he can become the leader in this defensive back unit. Gilmore is about to turn heads around the league and should be looked at as an asset in this franchise...Stephon Gilmore is going to be a big piece in the Bills' change from a football team, to a dynasty. Also look out for rookie Ron Brooks and second year player Justin Rogers. Brooks is a really polished player who comes from a great conference and program at LSU, but was overshadowed by the elite athletic ability of Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne, and Tyrann Mathieu. Brooks is a player who could shine in this organization as the hard-nosed playing style of the SEC has proven to translate really nicely into the NFL. Rogers was a 7th round pick who contributed whenever he had a chance on the field last season and can be a great contributor in this secondary. Also if Terrence McGee could play to his old form, then I see nothing but beautiful things ahead for this unit. Leodis McKelvin has a lot to prove though, I will say that lol. Stephon Gilmore is the deal.

#YoungN'Talented....Minus McKelvin...Hes kinda just young

4) Our safeties are amongst the league's best. Jairus Byrd is brushing against elite, and if he and the Bills have a very strong season, he will be an All-Pro. Byrd came onto the scene as a premier ballhawk as he snagged nine interceptions his rookie year. He would have a good sophomore season (a definite dip in production), but last season was a sign that Byrd is the King of this secondary as he was a bonafide playmaker in both the run-stopping game, and the passing game. I am a huge Jairus Byrd fan and love what he does every Sunday. George Wilson is a leader on this defense and was arguably our best player during the first half of last season. He gained great recognition for his play in the coverage game by making huge plays for the Bills during their short run. Wilson has a Pro-Bowl ceiling, and Byrd has a ceiling of becoming a Bills Legend.


5) Our coaching staff is legit. Everyone on our coaching staff has great football knowledge, and are strongly respected in the football world. I loved the promotion of Dave Wannstedt to defensive coordinator, as well as David Lee (who should play a huge role in Fitz's success). Chan Gailey has a unique coaching approach that can do big things with this new look squad. Also...Buddy Nix is a BOSS.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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