My Week 1 Rant

This is going to be random and no real flow. Just a way for me to vent. I just feel like I have to get a few things off my chest about yesterday so that I can go on with the rest of my day.

So what happen yesterday?


Corner Backs- We just flatly got out coached. I swear I was calling out the Jets game plan and plays before it happen. I'm watching our DB's play 10-12 yards of WRs on 3rd and short. I watched guys uncovered at start of the play and no one made any adjustments. The Jets had a 3 WR bunch formation on one side of the field and we countered with a corner, a FS, and LB who was in short zone...The Jets just bubble screened us to death and ran simple hitch patterns. The Jets just simply took what we gave them. Our poorest pass defense had less to do with talent, but more to do with scheme and awareness. Guys look like they were running around with their heads cut off, and as much as I supported Leodis....that guy is simply not bright enough to play the game. Say what you want about that, I really don't care. The guy is simply not a smart football player. Some will say the pass defense was bad because it's a new defense; folks that couldn't be any further from the truth. We basically just played a basic 4-3 defense, no tricks, no blitzes, nothing. We were in Cover-2 a good majority of the time, with simple and standard responsibilities. The Jets didn't have 5 Wr sets, and tons of motion and weird formations. They just lined up and took what we gave them.

Line Backers- I didn't notice any of them, except for Scott who made a great interception and Barnett who made several tackles. They did a damn good job on the "wild cat" and the run game, but was virtually non existant in pass coverage. Just like the DB's they were lost on Defense. I didn't since no enthusiasm or aggression, just blah. There was no urgency or nothing.

Defensive Line- Guys I watched the whole game, and maybe my volume was on low....but I didn't hear them call anybody's name. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE did anything noteworthy in this game, other than show up...And I'll dispute that they even did that. What ticks me off the most is hearing Williams complain about getting punched/slapped/clubbed in the head by Howard. Is this the same Williams who was talking about an "eye for an eye" approach during a Chris Brown interview? The guy need to just shut up and Man Up!! Mark Anderson, wow!! Nothing from him either.

My feelings right now about this defense is this; I'm really pissed off. The game plan was horrible, the coaching was horrible and the players played as if they had no "marbles". No one seemed pissed off or shocked; they just bent over and took it up the tail pipe. Chan and the coaching staff should be embarrassed and be held accountable for this performance. There were no adjustments made at any point in this game, and a novice like myself saw what the problem was and they failed to address it. Am I surprise that this happened, no? I sort of expected this, because this was the same team who got their ass handed to them during the preseason. As a coaching staff, you can't allow your players to come out like that during the1st game of the season.

Our issue on defense isn't a talent issue and it isn't a scheme issue. It's a coaching issue. It's a preparedness issue. The game plan defensively coming in to this game was wrong. We were way too vanilla on Defense and relied way too much on our front four to provide a pass rush.


Quarterback- This Fitzpartrick guy is what I've been saying he was all along. I'm really going to refrain from the name calling, and I'll just look at what he did on the field. Fitz has always been credited for his decison making, I never understood this because he seems to always make bad decisions. That throw to Cromartie was horrible, and I'm not sure what he was looking at. After the interception, the guy made NO attempt to run Cromartie down afterwards.....that pissed me off...Of course the other two interceptions were just bad throws and bad decisions. He also made quite a few bad decisions, one of them when he almost got Chandler killed. After that 3rd interception, I was calling for Gailey to pull the guy, the way a baseball Manager will put its Ace or a hockey coach pulling there goalie. There is no need on letting the guy further humilate himself, and ruin himself forever a la Edwards. His head just wasn't in the game or something. Late throws, bad throws....ugghhh..Unfortunately for us, we don't have an ounce of hope on that bench, so I said screw it. Gailey and Nix, you made your bed now sleep in it.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends- I actually have nothing negative to say about the WR's...All of these guys seems as if they can make plays once they get the ball in their hands. I feel sorry for them because the scheme sucks, and so does the QB. Now that David Nelson is hurt, I would to love see Jones go back in to the slot and bring Easley from the practice squad and put him on the outside. Still not sure why we have TJ inactive, but I guess the coach figured that a Ruvell Martin, Brad Smith, Potter, and Dickerson was a better option than your 3rd round pick....Freaking idiots. Speaking of, where the hell was our "wild cat"? Did Smith even play? Did anyone see Dickerson out there causing "match up problems"?? Hahaha....this staff is a joke

Offensive Line- Played pretty well in my opinion. They opened up some nice holes for the running back and protected the QB. A couple of procedural penalties and BS holding call on Glenn; the line held their own against the Jets defense. However, the Jets didn't do anything exotic or bring crazy blitzes, for the most part they played straight up. They did get some pressure on Fitz when he went to that BS 5 Wide formation. They just simply bought one more guy than we could block and jammed our WR's and threw off the timing...Sounds really simple when you think about.

Running Backs- To me, this group is still the strength of this team offensively. Once again, the running game did well, yet it isn't a focal point of our offense. CJ is who I thought he was, an extremely explosive back who when he hits the second level can truly go the distance each time. He did a good job in picking up the blitz as well. Giving Tashard Choice the ball at the goal line is a slap in the face to Spiller. I hate that they do it, because Choice doesn't give you much as a goal line back.

Special Teams

Kicking Game- If John Potter can't kick it out of the end zone each time, the dude needs to get cut ASAP. I don't want to see another run back again for the rest of the year. If he isn't kicking in to a 30mph head wind, he has no excuses. He's not worth a roster spot if he's kicking out of th end zone 80% of the time. I know this sound harsh, but the dude really only has one job. Roster spots are way too critical to be giving it up to a kicker who just kicks off.

Punt Return/Kick Return- We got a punt returned on us as well. I expected much, because no one seemed ready to play or coach.

The offensive game plan and the play calls for this game wasn't too bad, they did a good job of sticking with the run and tried to be balance, but the passing game was horrific. The 5 wide sets just doesn't work, and we seem to have our most success passing the ball when Fitz is under center. When we play faked it kept the LB's honest and gave time for plays to develop down field. I kept yelling at the screen to keep doing this, but no one heard me. Our best run play is clearly that trap play where either the TE or WR comes back and picks up the unblocked DE. That thing works all the time. We also ran it well out of shot gun...Our offense would be a lot better if we stopped trying to out-scheme everybody. It seem like we always try to adjust to what other teams are doing, instead of just doing what we do best.

If you ask me my honest opinion, the problem with this team isn't the 45 guys that suited up on Sunday. The problem is the coaching staff. These players aren't prepared properly and the coaches assessment of certain players and their talents aren't accurate. I can't blame Fitz for being what he is, I blame the coaches who hitched their wagons to the guy. They asking him to be somebody he's not. Outside of the QB position, we have a good nucleus of young and veteran players that should be able to compete with just about anybody, but they aren't put in situations where they can be successful.

We were told all pre season that we have added wrinkles to our offense and few extra weapons, and all I saw was the same $hit they've been given us over the past couple of seasons. We've been hearing that this defense will allow the LBs to play fast and react, yet they played as if they were stuck in mud.

In case you were wondering, I'm not making any judgements about how we'll play for the rest of the season. This is just a one game and a 2 season observation of this team. My position of this team and franchise hasn't change since the end of last season and the end of the first game....This QB, the coaches, and the front office are still $hit until they prove me otherwise. The coaches and this GM won't get an approval rating for me until they start winning games and put successful seasons together. And to all of you "glass half full folks", it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. It's okay to root for your team and wish them the best, but this blind faith is no longer acceptable...I know this is going to piss a few people off, but it pisses me off when I'm scrolling throught the open thread and after 3 interceptions and a 21-0 lead; you have folks continue to make excuse for Fitz and this coaching staff. If the last two seasons weren't enough, this first game should've just verified it for you.....NO EXCUSES!! NO BROKEN RIBS!! Fitz was healthy, and so was our whole damn team, and that was the garabage that we put out...Yes, it's only one game, and yes the season isn't over, but what I saw out there was trash and I'll call it trash until they put something out there that isn't.

I will continue to root for my team, I'll continue to sit there Sunday after Sunday and root for them, I'll continue to wear my jersey and dress up my dog Flutie, because I love my team. My feelings for them right now won't stop me for hoping and wishing for the best. Until they start playing like I think they should be playing and capable of playing, my feelings will remain the same.

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