We should model our offense off of S.F...

I don't know how many got to watch the S.F./G.B. game yesterday, but I can't understand why we do not play a similar style of play. In their game, they ran the ball 32 times and threw the ball 26 times. Contrastingly Buffalo runs the ball 26 times and throws it 32 times....

Now it might be somewhat of a stretch to say, but both of these two teams offensives our somewhat similar.

1) Both teams have a fairly physical strong O-Line who can abuse opposing defensive lines

2) Both teams have a great RB core. SF with Frank Gore who has that touch physical running style that Jackson brings, and a more explosive back (Hunter for SF, and Spiller for Buffalo)... and in my opinion, our RB core of Jackson/Spiller is MUCH better.

3) One explosive WR that demands the opposing defensive's secondary's attention. Johnson for BUF, Crabtree for SF. Well I guess SF really has two as Vernon Davis is essentially a TE/WR combo... hopefully someone in addition to Johnson will step up for Buffalo.... I think Graham has the potential to be the type of Johnny Knox receiver that uses his speed to continuously provide a deep ball threat. If Fitz could make an accurate throw on a play action pass to Graham... that could be a dangerous play.

4) A somewhat weak QB. I know people will say Smith played a good game-- and he did-- but a lot of that I think was due to GB's respect for SF's run game. If Smith were asked to throw it 44 times (like Rodgers had to), I don't think SF wins that game. SF relies on their running game. Smith is there to keep the opposing defense honest by exploiting play action if the defense begins stacking 8-9 players in the box. And with Vernon Davis and Crabtree... those receivers have the potential to set up the big play if they are not adequately covered.

Why Fitz is not used like this confuses me. Fitz is not Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. We are not going to win games with him leading the offense. He is there to COMPLEMENT it. To keep the defense honest and give most of our snaps to our running game

I pray Jackson's injury isn't as serious as it looked. If Jackson is healthy I think we should have the majority of our snaps lined up in a Jackson,Spiller/ Chandler/ Johnson, ( Graham to run fly routes, a different WR to run anything else) formations. Plus with the ability of Spiller to line up in the slot... that only adds options for the offense.

This team simply does not have the personnel to run a spread-like formation, AND WE CERTAINLY DON'T HAVE THE QB to pull off that style of offense. Again, our strengths are the OLine and Running game... and if we are not relying on that for the majority of our play... then this team is not playing to its full potential. Just look at how Spiller absolutely TORCHED the Jets run defense... and yet he only got 14 carries... that is ridiculous.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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