My Thoughts and Analysis Week 1

Hello everyone i will be doing a weekly thoughts and analysis after every bills game for the 17 weeks(hopefully 21).

This will be my opinions on what we did good and, what we did bad. So lets get going!

The good

1. CJ Spiller had his best day yet hands down. He was the "home run hitter" Buddy said he was going to be. He was the fastest player on the field and was very patient with his blockers. With Fred down hes going to need to step up big these next 3 or 4 weeks.

The Bad

1. The pass rush was non existent. Mario, Marcell, Kyle, and Mark looked awful. Then Mario goes out after the game and complains out Austin Howard punching him in the face? This is not what i expected from Mario. It was very immature of him to say that. Your a pro bowler and got stopped by a player with barely any NFL experience. He should have shut his mouth and admit he had a bad day. Now Mario Needs to work harder towards next week and take his frustration out on the field not to the media.

2. WIDE OPEN. This is what i was screaming at the TV play after play. The corners and safeties played terrible. Holmes was wide open on almost every play. Gilmore did get burned but he is a rookie. When the jets were throwing the ball it felt like a game where the bills play the pats, players wide open brady having all day in the pocket little dump of for 15 yards. Just a pathetic showing by the secondary.

The ugly

1. FITZYY. Oh were u bad. 3 Int's in the first half? Pathetic. These are throws a high school quarterback makes. Yes he threw 3ds. I don't care, we still lost. What would have been the outcome if Fitz threw only 1 pick? If this was the case this game would be much closer. I have nothing more to say about you.


All in all in my opinion this was a great thing for the bills. A WAKE UP CALL. The bills looked awful. But with nelson going down it gives TJ Graham a huge role in our offense. I said right when he was drafted he would make a huge impact if he could get on the field. I think he will show this sunday. With Fred down CJ will be what he is the home run hitter. Now the chiefs have an absolutely stacked roster, but we beat them last year. This game is a MUST win. Were at home the ralph will be screaming and i expect a much better performance.

In the comment section tell me if you want me to analyze the chiefs and their roster for this weeks game.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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