I don't get it

What do the following QBs have in common?

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Tony Romo

Drew Brees

Carson Palmer

Andy Dalton

Ben Roethisberger

Tom Brady


Steve Young?

Can't figure it out? They were all blown out week 1 of the regular season in their career. Yep, that is true. Here is the simple fact: There is not a QB or coach that hasn't suffered a bad week 1 loss. It happens. But, their fans don't pull out their nooses. They ride the storm. They know it was game one. There are all different reasons why one team might come out more focused or rabid then the other team. The entire preseason the Jets were made fun of. They were humiliated. They responded. Looking back in retrospect, how could it end any other way?

Even though they played terrible, they didn't give up. I am just as disappointed as everyone else is. They have to play better. We know it, they know it and the Chiefs know it. Here is what few realize, if you are gonna come out flat, on the road is "somewhat" forgivable. How do the Saints feel today that a rookie QB destroyed them? What about Green Bay? What about the Chiefs? All with home losses. Vick was worse yesterday, yet, got the win.

What was the problem yesterday? Lots of things, but, I think 1 play really summed it up. The Jets were driving. It was third and long. Sanchez throws a pass that is caught by the receiver about 2 yards from the first down. 3 Bills closed on the play. Instead of wrapping him up, or putting the big lick on, all they did was have a half-backed attempt at a shoulder hit. It was bad. They just weren't in it. That is on the players. They know to tackle. They are paid to tackle. They are told to tackle and they CHOSE not to. I expect a very intense week of practice this week. Oh, the guy spun from those 3 hits and got the first down.

No one is debating that Fitz was bad, but, that supposedly vaunted defense could have held them to field goals after the TOs. The defense is supposed to be the strong point. They weren't. Not all is lost. They will be better and they will have a good showing against the Chiefs. You just have to keep perspective, not get too high for a win or too low for a loss. The season is long and unforgiving. Keeping emotions in check is vital for any fan of any team.


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