We Will Know About This Team on Sunday

I fully believe we'll find out everything we need to know about this team against KC. Are we going to be mentally tough enough to come out and respond to adversity with a big, dominant win on Sunday? Or, are we going to be the same old Bills as the last 12 years and fall apart when things start to go wrong and injuries hit?

Honestly, I am not sure what to expect this Sunday. On paper, I think we should win this game hands down. I believe our talent level is greater than KC. But, I am not overly confident in the mental toughness of this team. They've shown time and time again that when things start to go bad, they can't recover from it. How many long losing streaks has this team been on in the last few years? When things go bad for the Bills, the bad things just seem to continue to snowball and get worse and worse.

I think there were a lot of positives that came out of the Jets game. Our offensive line was quite solid all game. CJ is proving that he can be an elite level RB in this league. Our defense showed massive improvement in stopping the run. But, it all comes down to two things...1. our QB and 2. our head coach.

Our QB is far too inconsistent to rely on. From week to week, quarter to quarter and play to play, you never know if you are getting FitzMagic or FitzTragic. And that leads me to #2, Chan.

I am losing confidence in him big time. This team's offense has been built backwards. We have (had) two stud RBs and an offensive line that is proving that it can open holes in the running game. We have a shaky QB and average WRs. So why are we a "pass to setup the run" offense? Shouldn't we be a run first offense, and work more off play action? Wouldn't that maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses? That would put our best players (CJ and Fred) on display and put our most inconsistent player (Fitz) as a secondary figure.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why Chan is so hard headed with the passing game. And I think this 'finesse' offense is part of the reason for our lack of mental toughness.

I hope this week we come out and destroy KC and get this thing on track. Because if we don't, this ship is sinking in a hurry. If we lose to KC, we'll beat Clev, but then run the gauntlet the next few weeks against a slew of teams that we will probably lose to. Lose this week and we are staring at a 2-7 or 3-6 start to the season.

But of course, in classic Bills fashion, we'll probably start out 2-7, and then with our weak second half schedule, we'll get on a run that will take us completely out of the running for a franchise QB in the draft.

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