Buffalo Rumblings NFL Week 2 Predictions

Each Thursday this season, I'm going to predict the outcome of every NFL game that weekend - including games played by the Buffalo Bils, of course. I generally am not very good at this, but thankfully, the job is made easier by the fact that I won't have to pick against any sort of spread. Still, I'm betting if y'all play along, many of you will wipe the floor with me. On to the Week 2 picks!

Packers 21, Bears 20: I wouldn't be surprised if Chicago won this game at all, but it's harder for me to imagine the Packers losing three in a row at Lambeau Field.

Saints 38, Panthers 34: New Orleans doesn't have a defense, but neither does Carolina, really. I'll take the Saints in a shootout, because Drew Brees is still quite a bit better than Cam Newton.

Bengals 20, Browns 6: Dick Jauron has a pretty good defense down there in Cleveland, but there's no offense to speak of. Cincinnati was a massive Week 1 disappointment, but this will be a great "get right" week for them.

Colts 23, Vikings 20: Andrew Luck will have a much better performance against a Vikings pass defense that made Blaine Gabbert look competent a week ago.

Texans 26, Jaguars 14: Houston gets out to a 2-0 start with a division win in the bag, while the Jags get a much more realistic view of what they have at quarterback this week.

Raiders 16, Dolphins 13: This has the makings of an ugly game. I think the Raiders, who are getting healthier offensively, have just enough there to sneak out a road win.

Patriots 34, Cardinals 14: I like Arizona's defense just fine, but that won't matter against the Pats - and there's no way Kevin Kolb is out-dueling Tom Brady.

Giants 16, Buccaneers 10: New York's sloppy regular season play will continue, but they'll do enough defensively to grab a much-needed win following a Week 1 loss.

Eagles 24, Ravens 20: The Eagles won ugly in Week 1, while the Ravens won big. Baltimore has a tendency to flop after a huge win, and the Eagles will be much better than they were in Cleveland.

Cowboys 23, Seahawks 21: I think Dallas is back. I think Seattle is rock solid, particularly at home. This was a really hard game to pick, so I went with the better offense.

Rams 20, Redskins 17: The Rams played surprisingly well in Week 1, while I think the success of Washington and RG3 was inflated by New Orleans' poor defense.

Steelers 17, Jets 13: I'd much prefer the final score of this game be 57-13 in favor of the Steelers.

Chargers 28, Titans 16: On paper, the Chargers should wipe the floor with the Titans - but we've been saying that for years about them. Still, I'll take San Diego.

49ers 31, Lions 27: This should be a fun game. The 49ers play football the right way, and the Lions have two of the game's elite players on offense. San Fran is an easy pick at home, but this will be a shootout of sorts.

Broncos 29, Falcons 24: Atlanta's wideouts get to play real corners this week, and I think Peyton Manning is only just hitting his stride. Denver is a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Chiefs 27, Bills 20: I'd love to pick Buffalo this week, but after their performance in New Jersey, I couldn't bring myself to do it. The Chiefs are getting a major boost defensively in the form of Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers back in the lineup, while the Bills will be without two of their four most important offensive weapons. I do think Buffalo will be much more competitive this week, but moral victories are for the birds; I like Kansas City to win it.

NFL Prediction Record: 9-7
Bills Prediction Record: 1-0

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