What do you like this weekend? - Week 2

Tough week to be a Bills fan, eh? I hope the pain of the Bills loss was eased by all of you taking home a few extra bucks from listening to my picks and the shared discussion in the comments from Week 1. Let's review:

BUF+3 ** (L): I wrote last week "This sounds like a homer bet, I know." It was and it hurt...A LOT! But like any good Bills fan, I have mastered the art dealing with devastating loss without physically harming my wife, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

BUF@NYJ OVER 38.5 * (W): Not the way I wanted to cover...but I am never mad at a winning bet

NE-7 * (W): Vegas makes taking my bookies money like taking candy from a baby! Now this week NE goes to Ari and is favored by big numbers...hmmm. More after the jump on this one.

CAR-2.5 * (L): Carolina will come around...they were a hot team to make some money on last year. I'm not giving up on them yet.

ATL-3 * (W): The dirty birds look hot. I think they sustain the success this year. They may be a team to look at every week for some type of play.

PIT@DEN OVER 44.5 * (W): Thanks, Peyton Manning, for not being as old and feeble as I expected you to be.

Starting the season 4-2-0 is never a bad thing. Lines and picks for Week 2 after the jump.

CHI@GB-5 O/U51 (I took Chi + 5 last night...boooo)

TB@NYG-7 O/U44

ARI@NE-14 O/U48

MIN@IND+1.5 O/U44.5

NO@CAR+3 O/U51

KC@BUF-3 O/U45

BAL@PHI-2 O/U46.5

OAK@MIA+2.5 O/U39.5

CLE@CIN-7 O/U38.5

HOU@JAX+7 O/U41.5

DAL@SEA+3 O/U41.5

WAS@STL+3.5 O/U44

NYJ@PIT-5.5 O/U41.5

TEN@SD-6 O/U43

DET@SF-7 O/U46

DEN@ATL-3 O/U51.5

My picks for week 2:

NE-14**: Arizona pulled out a BS win last week against a Seattle team that is just getting their QB of the future going. The Brady Bunch's home opener will be a fun one for all of those chowda head wicked awesome Pat's fans. NE wins this one by 20+ points.

IND+1.5*: I like Indy getting 1.5 at home. I don't love it...but I like it. I'll probably tickle this one a bit.

KC@BUF OVER 45**: If last week is any indication, Buffalo should be easily scored on. However, I expect a resurgence of our explosive offense for the home opener. Looking for a score like Buf 33 KC 28

BAL+2***: What the heck am I missing here. Did any one in Vegas watch the Raven's against a tough division rival and former playoff team on Monday night? I don't get this number. Do they really expect the Eagles to bounce back from that disgusting display in Cleveland with a terrible defensive coordinator and a banged up Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson? This is a gift, folks...take it.

CIN-7***: I like Cincy's tough defense to feast on a rookie QB. Cincy covers this one easily.

HOU-7**: These texans look really good again. Granted they only beat Miami, but they looked really good doing it.

ATL-3*: We all know Atlanta is almost unbeatable in the familiar comfort of the Georgia Dome. I am looking forward to Denver winning me some money this year...but they won;t do it against the hungry Falcons in the Georgia Dome.

That's it for this week. I look forward to sharing picks and trading discussions in the comments section. Good luck this weekend and GO BILLS!

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