Nix Stresses Fitz Will Stop Throwing INTs on WGR Radio

There is a commitment at OBD to stop throwing interceptions, according to Buddy Nix, Bills GM, in an 8am interview Friday September 14, 2012 on WGR Radio. Mark this Vow to Eliminate Picks in your calendar folks. Below, I review some of the other more interesting remarks WGR Radio host and interviewer Howard Simon was able to extract from an at times testy Nix.

Buddy Nix told Simon that after reviewing the tape of the Jets game, there are some positives to take away from the experience. First, he stressed that unlike in the recent past, he is convinced the Bills now have lots of good football players. He said he was very impressed with both the defensive and offensive lines, and noted in particular the excellent play of Glenn at left tackle, and the defensive tackles Williams and Dareus. He noted that there was a definite problem with the soft cornerback coverage, but that he thought Aaron Williams, 2nd yr player drafted in the 2nd round by Nix out of the University of Texas, played well. He reasserted his confidence in Gilmore, 1st round pick and 10th overall in this yr's draft, while acknowledging he struggled in his first regular season game.

Most importantly, Nix reasserted his faith and commitment to Ryan Fitzpatrick, and stated that Fitz knows he cannot throw interceptions. Perhaps in a sign of deepening awareness of the real strength of the offense, Nix stated that the Bills could take pressure off of Fitz given the quality of their running game with CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson.

In referencing how perceptions can change quickly about the quality of a team's QB, he mentioned how Alex Smith, a first round pick of the San Francisco 49ers, was almost universally considered a bust as a pro QB, but with a new coach, a strong ground game and an excellent defense, Smith has become a solid QB who has not thrown an INT in 8 full NFL games.

All in all, Nix stressed that the Bills are a much better football team, with strong defensive and offensive lines, and despite these advances, understands that no NFL team can win if they turn the ball over.

It is great to hear Nix emphasize there is no room for interceptions, turnovers, and bad special teams play. It was even better to hear Nix say the Bills have the ability to run the ball more and take the pressure off of Fitz. Perhaps this is a sign that the pass happy offense of Chan Gailey is in the process of being revisited.

If Nix means what he says, we can expect a full season of Fitz behind center, with a commitment to a more ball control, pound the rock offense with CJ and Freddie seeing more carries than last year.

As for the defensive backfield, expect a more aggressive coverage scheme in the weeks to come.

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