Your Most Hated Buffalo Bill

So, I was visiting the Phoenix Suns site, as I am a Suns fan. Not sure how, I have always been a local team guy, but I just don't like the Knicks. Anyways...their site just ran an article about who the most hated Phoenix Sun was. In the history of the Suns, they have not generally held animosity towards their players, current or former. But it got me thinking, as depressed, heartbroken Bills fans, who would we name as our hated players. So I figured it was time for a fan post. Let's break down the players I could think of quickly.

Players who caused us heartbreak and pain, but never felt hate

Scott Norwood: I feel the fan base never really hated the guy after the miss, but...I was 8 when it happened.

Ronnie Harmon: I'll never forget the drop, but again...I didn't hate him

Henry Jones: He was a great Ssfety for us, but I will always remember him getting called for Pass Interference on a Hail Mary versus the Patriots. It was just that one mistake he made, and a call that never happens...but imagine if Whitner would have done it.

Players who are hated now, whether earned or just circumstance of the drought

Leodis McKelvin: Yeah, he can't cover. He also cost us that Patriots game...he may be the most hated Bill right now.

Donte Whitner: Do we need to rehash all the reasons we dislike him. Probably not.

Chris Kelsay: I have never really minded him, but I know he is the site's whipping boy half the time

Trent Edwards: Never has a Bills QB been more infuriating. Fall in love with him, get off to the hot start, and then become the most fearful QB I have ever seen. I'm not sure who messed him up more to this point, Adrian Wilson or Dick Jauron

JP Losman: Man, I had high hopes....and then they all came crashing down harder than a wave on the beach...where he just should have stayed

My most hated Bill

Lonnie Johnson. Yes, I could have picked the entire special teams unit vs the Titans, but Lonnie Johnson is it for me. Some of you may not even remember him. He was a second round pick from Florida State. He was supposed to be the athletic TE of the future. He did nothing. He dropped everything, he missed blocks. He held constantly. Why is he my most hated Bill? Let me recap for you in one play.

The Bills were getting spanked in Green Bay. We were down big. Out of nowhere, we ran a fake punt. We passed to Lonnie Johnson. He made the catch, suprisingly, and then took off down the middle of the field. He looks behind him, and never even thinks about the return man...who just happened to be Darren Sharper, the future All-Pro, as a rookie. Sharper absolutely levels Lonnie, who never saw the hit coming, and fumbles. I actually cheered. And laughed. It was the perfect Lonnie play. And I believe he was gone at the end of the season. It's the last play I remember him making.

I'm curious to see who my fellow Rumblers have issue with as a Bills player.

Thanks for reading

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