Bolder Predictions... This year and Beyond!

After thinking more about the current team, and the rebuilding, coaching staff, etc... I felt it was necessary to go a little bolder with my predictions for this season and beyond. And yes, I am writing this during the Bills taking it to KC so far (thanks to Spiller by the way, not Fitzpatrick) So here is my attempt at predicting what will come of this team and its current players, staff, etc.

1) Fitzpatrick is replaced in the next 4 to 6 games by Jackson, and thus signals the end of his tenure as the Bills starter. His inconsistency will continue to show, and behind the scenes it is Nix that forces this call. Which in turn signals the next move. Jackson will play decently, but the Bills do not make the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually dump Fitz giving the usual "we thank him for all he has done for this team, but we felt it was time to move in a new direction... we want to give him every opportunity to start elsewhere"

2) Gailey is removed as head coach either mid-season or at the end of the year. The faith in him in coaching this team to victories wears thin, and his ability to truly be a good judge of the talent he has and who should play is mediocre. He tries way to often to work with what he's got and the players he is familiar with. "Great Working Relationships" don't necessarily translate to victories.

3) IF Gailey is removed mid-season, Wannstedt takes over, but does not keep the job into next season. I think the Bills make a bold move at Head Coach and go with a young up and comer in some form, either someone already in the NFL or a College head coach.

4) The Bills Cornerbacks Williams and Gilmore turn out to be a truly great tandem in the coming years. McGee will no longer be on the team (finally, since he is only good for a few games a year ala the great Roscoe Parrish... and here is another prediction)

5) Bills don't have the same issue with the injury bug for a long long long time. I think the injuries were mostly related to asking more out of players who simply couldn't play at an NFL level, thus leading to them overplaying and getting hurt, and also putting way too much faith in players who are proven to be injury prone (Roscoe Parrish, and McGee)

6) My favorite prediction of all... The next QB the Bills draft in the 1st or 2nd round will be the first to lead us to the playoffs, and not only that, will be the franchise QB we have been searching for. If the Bills go with a QB 3rd round or later, this to me will only signal more of the same approach to the position of looking for a "sleeper" / diamond in the ruff.

7) In either the 2013 or 2014 draft, the Bills trade up for a QB in the first round. It won't be Barkley, and I don't care that it won't be. This is something I really do believe will happen as a direct result of Nix. I think he has had it with putting faith in Gailey's overrated abilities with QBs, and takes matters into his own hands. This will be the last stamp on the team that Nix has, as I think once he places the QB pick into our hands, he will retire a season or two after. We also draft a star WR, and land a star LB in 2014.

8) Whaley takes over Nix's gig. Nix retires, Whaley begins, and this is where the true fun begins. Dynasty biatch! Whaley leads the scouting and personnel in the right direction and brings in some of the most solid drafts and veteran signings that the Bills have ever seen.

9) Our Young QB we drafted either takes us to a Wild Card bid in his first season, or Wins the Division in the 2nd. This consequently signals the start of the Bills reign, and the downfall of the evil Empire known as the Patriots. Jets continue to be in and out of contention, but never attain regular playoff status.

10) Bills go to the Super Bowl in the next 5 to 7 years. They don't win the first time, but don't worry, they will be back and finally win the freakin thing. My guess is 5 to 10 years they win the Super Bowl.

11) In the next 2 to 4 years, the Bills become regular division contenders/winners, and regular playoff contenders (via division or wild card), and this happens with no help from the departed Fitzpatrick.

12) Stevie Johnson is traded. Yes we signed him to an extension, but once we see what a true #1 receiver is via the draft, Johnson will 1) be pissed that he isn't getting the ball and 2) we will be fine that he isn't getting the ball.

13) Our defenssive line remains a force for years to come. They jell together, they terrorize QBs, and make it a truly great unit.

14) The Bills are the next dynasty. We are close, we will add the right players, we won't do it with Fitzpatrick or Gailey, but rather through the end of Nix tenure and up-and-comers with better ideas and abilities to judge talent and where the NFL is going. A new Head Coach that truly takes us to the next level, similar to Harbaugh and Tomlin.

15) Somewhere throughout this process a new ownership comes in and keeps the team in Buffalo. There is a lot more money in Western NY than people realize and some of it is quiet money until it is necessarry to make a deal, and there are plenty of people who want this team to stay. The partnership with Toronto will stay in place, but the team will stay in Buffalo.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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