Will Fred Jackson Get His Job Back?

First off, go here: because Joel Thorman provides a gif of C.J. Spiller's first touchdown of the day against the Chiefs.

This week, Buffalo put in a much better performance against a much weaker opponent, and you're probably a hell of a lot happier than you were 24 hours ago. I definitely am, even though I know in my heart that we're likely to revert to unwatchable again once we run into another division opponent or a good team.

So, let's talk C.J. and keep the vibrations positive.

Spiller has followed up last year's flashes of brilliance with two truly dominating performances. Going into week 3, C.J. has 292 yards on 29 carries for an ohmygodthatisludicrous average of 10.06 yards per carry. He's also got 5 catches for 72 yards, and has found the end zone thrice. His badassery is going to be discussed endlessly on sports websites and NFL television shows, and ESPN might even devote thirty seconds of their Tebow-Yankees-Red Sox-Cowboys Funtime Programming to him if you're masochistic enough to want to check it out.

That said, there was already a starter at running back for the Bills, and Fred Jackson is no slouch himself. Freddy might well have had a minor run at the MVP last year if he had stayed healthy and if the Bills had not slid into the nether region of the AFC East. Unfortunately, he got injured. And this year, he's injured again, though expected to be back in a month or so.

The question is, in what capacity will Fred be back? Jackson has proved to be a shifty, tenacious runner with great hands and he may be the best pass-blocking back in the NFL. He was a threat to lead the league in yards from scrimmage last year and earned every penny of his recent contract extention. Fred's teammates seem to universally respect him due to his hard work and his unusual path to the NFL, and he's without question a fan favorite and a true NFL warrior.

On the other hand, C.J. Spiller has legs that are made of INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES and when he has the ball in his hands I think of St. Bernard puppies and beach sunsets and the first time I kissed a girl.

We all knew going into this season that a split in carries would probably benefit the team, though I believe that Gailey meant it to be around 70/30 in favor of Jackson. Assuming he comes back full-go, does Fred still get the lion's share? What is the proper balance between the two? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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