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This is a much better Monday then it was last week. Our beloved Bills played a much more solid game and ran the ball much more then they did the previous week. Here is my break down of the game:

Bills Running game A-. This was a tale of 2 halves. The first half was A+, the second was B. Usually in most games, the second half is when teams run the ball better. However in the second half, the run game actually struggled a bit. However, that was when Fitz got "hot" and completed some nice passes to put the game out of reach.

Bills Passing game: B . Fitz was efficient. I thought he was a C in the first half and an A in the second half. When KC stuffed the box and forced him to pass, Fitz was up to the challenge. That wasn't the case in the first half. His day ended with 10-19 for about 180 yards, 9.4 YPA and a 120 QB rating. Pretty solid if you ask me.

Bills Run Defense: B+ It was an A in the first half, then they relaxed to a C during garbage time. Say what you will about KC, but, their talent guys are all very gifted AND fast. They can take over a game if you aren't careful. They held Charles and HIllis in check pretty much the whole first half. They caused a goal line fumble. Not sure they could do much better. I don't care much about garbage time struggles honestly, but, it did bring the score down a bit.

Bills Pass Defense: B+ Again, it was an A in the first half and a B- in garbage time in the second half. They gave up 2 TDs in the last 8 min, which affected nothing but fantasy owners' stats and their own stats. Too bad they don't have a button when the team "gives up" so they can just end the game right then and there. A white flag if you will b/c that is when guys get hurt both legally and illegally (from late hits etc). When the game mattered, the defense was very solid.

Bills Special teams: B+ A punt return for a Td was nice, Potter was perfect on all but one return, but, KC had some good returns too. Overall, a solid game.

Bills Coaching: A Chan had a solid game. He called lots of running plays. He put Fitz and his entire team in great positions to win the game. And they did. They were ready to compete and respond to the egg they laid last week.

Some random notes:

1. It is amazing how much easier it is to play with a lead then from behind. The difference between the 2 weeks is as startling as NE's loss today. Good teams respond to bad losses, and they did respond.

2. We should not get too high or low after games. It is a long season. Injuries will play a huge role in how things turn out. I don't remember who said it, but, it is true: "A team is never as good as it looks after a big win or as bad as it looks after a bad loss. We, as fans, need to keep that in mind. Enjoy the win, hold off on the super bowl predictions.

3. Chan's system creates space. He has big guys that can move in space. His running game works b/c of said space. The ideal way to play is if their defense stacks the box, pass, if they don't, run. They executed the game plan to perfection Sunday.

4. Next week will be a dog fight. The Browns aren't a bad team. They have a solid defense. The game is at home. Luckily, it isn't the opener anymore, so, that's good. IF the Bills win, it will be a pretty close game. Will it come down to turnovers again? It might. But, I do think the Bills win by 7.

5. Lets not forget, the blueprint of this team is to play good defense. Let the offense take what it can take and don't be afraid to punt. The Bills punted their first 2 series of the game. The only way that works is if the defense does its part. Good teams aren't afraid to punt, even if they have to punt 5 or 6 times in a row, as long as the other team does the same. The majority of the stars are on the defense, so, it is up to them to set the tone.

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