A Few Points and Questions Heading into Week 3.....

It's been a while - Want to share a few thoughts and ask a few questions


  • I was always a big believer in CJ Spiller. It was obvious he had the physical skill set. But what is most impressive is his attitude, his hard work, and he is a student of the game. He is also lucky enough to learn from one of the best in Fred Jackson. Just as QBs have the game "slow down" for them, CJ Spiller has improved his understanding of the game. There is a great article on on a breakdown of his success.
  • The Bills have arguably the best back field in the NFL. Who else has a great back field? San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Bucs....

  • I can't figure out Ryan Fitzpatrick. I almost feel like the QB coach did NOT improve his play. His mechanics are off. He is overthrowing his receivers. I understand being rusty but... He was not playing well in pre-season and in pre-camp either
  • We have a serious lack of depth at WR. I understand that Gailey's system may not emphasize the need for big game receivers; bc we spread the ball so well. But not having another elite talent across from Stevie Johnson is also hindering Fitzpatrick's growth. This is not the Chargers where we have Phillip Rivers who can throw to his random group of receivers and get away with it.
  • Offensive line play has been excellent. I am thoroughly impressed with their play so far this season. Run blocking has been exceptional. Pass blocking has been great. Cordy Glenn is improving with every snap. Our potentially probowl interior lineman are playing lights out. It's great to have a health Levtire and Wood.
  • As Dareus pointed out - Bills fans are seriously the best and most dedicated fans in the NFL. We are not typical pro-sport fans. We are a big community; typical of big time college football programs.
  • Sheppard and Barnett have been awesome thus far.
  • Our secondary is a work in progress. Gilmore & Williams will continue to have growing pains. McKelvin still sucks in coverage. McGee is still making his way back to form. I have been disappointed with the play of safeties. The Jets had a field day down the middle of our defense. But I do believe in Gilmore and Williams. They are young but will improve as the season continues. We see a marked improvement in play between the two games. I hope it carries over in Cleveland.
  • We NEED to draft a franchise QB in the 2013 NFL Draft. We have confusion behind Ryan Fitzpatrick as it is; but heading into the next 5 years there is no way Fitz is the answer. Rookie QBs are seeing more and more success - attributed to the NFL style offenses run in college & nfl coaches implementing specific college style plays to their playbooks. We have options: Matt Barkley (USC), Tyler Wilson (Arkansas), Tyler Bray (Tennessee), Logan Thomas (Vtech), Geno Smith (West Virginia), Landry Jones (Oklahoma, Aaron Murray (Georgia). Given the success of RGIII, Cam Newton, and Russel Wilson; I'm in favor for QBs like Logan Thomas and Geno Smith.
  • Why is our defensive line ineffective? Against the Jets we were obviously terrible. But after spending so much money and having our returning talent - I would assume we would have more success. I don't see domination...We were good against the Chiefs. Yes the statistics are there. But I never felt like our defensive line was dominating their offensive line. Can someone explain to me what is going on? I understand that teams will double team MW. But One on one match ups for Dareus and Kyle Williams should be a Christmas present.
  • Where do we find receiver help across from Stevie Johnson? I'm sorry bout Donald Jones is NOT the answer. The rest of the receiving core has to step up i some way or form.
  • Will the real Buffalo Bills please stand up? Will see Week 1 or Week 2 Bills against the Browns?
  1. MVP: CJ Spiller
  2. Defensive Player: Nick Barnett
  3. Special Teams: John Potter

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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