Notes from the dark side

We just watched our beloved Bills win a tough game by 10. The Browns were gutsy and had both good and bad plays, and we lost CJ Spiller, yet another offensive weapon we have (and we don't have that many).

Here are my grades and notes:

QB play: Fitz was okay. I'd give him a solid B, B+. He didn't make any mistakes and had one very questionable turnover that didn't cost us anything. But, when we needed to score and keep the pressure on the Browns, he did. He threw for 3 TDs today with no INT and for the year has 3 INT in 3 games. I said at the year that i think Coach Lee will result in Fitz having less INT and so far, that seems to be the case. It also helps to play with the lead. We have a defense that can win a game for us. When Fitz can play with a defense that can hold its own, he responds by making enough plays from a position of strength, and I think we can do very well with him.

RB What else can you give but an A for what Choice was able to do today? To lose any player to a serious injury is hard to focus a team, to lose a superstar is that much harder. Choice came in and turned in a solid day for a number 1 (20 for 90 yards), much less a 3. We need Freddie and CJ back, but, I have faith that Choice will run hard and give us all he has, and you can't ask for more then that. He has some talent, and is yet another decent waiver wire pick up by Nix and Chan.

WR and TE were a B. Stevie was good, Donald Jones is tough, and TJ got his first TD. They turned in enough plays in the second half, along with the running game to keep Cleveland's defense honest and just off balance enough to have a solid 10 point win. We could have easily won by 17 if Chan transformed himself into Jerkicheck, but, instead he maintained his classy southern roots.

OL The ONLY score you can give them is A++. 3 games and no real sacks. The fumbled Fitz ball was a bogus call and even though that counts as a sack, this is the third game that the opposing team's defensive front 4 have heard rumors that we have a QB back there, but, have never seen him. They made Choice look like a lower-grade number 1 back. We have a dominant OL.

DL also gets an A. They held a good running game in check and dominated that and their passing game. Is Trent Richardson already the best sports' Trent ever? Perhaps, but, he was about as good as Trent Edwards today.

LB were a solid B. They even had a few pass breakups. They were good in run support, and were okay in pass coverage.

DB I'd also give an A-. They held Weeden to under 5 yards passing for the game. That is pretty solid.

The scary part is, that every facet of the team can play better and seem to be getting better week by week.

Special Teams were a solid B also. They gave up no bad returns, but, did have some minor miscues, but, our return game was solid too.

Coaching was a B+. I was impressed by Chan and the staff. They played hard and kept a Browns team that saw this as a must win game in check for most of it. The guys were a bit sloppy, but, I think that was more because of CJ's horrible injury then lack of prep by them.

Since the opening game, they have responded by winning 2 games they should have won. Good teams win the games they are supposed to win, and they did that. NE is a great game and test for us next week. If we are gonna win enough games to qualify for the playoffs, we need to see how close we are. The next 3 games will go a long way. They could and should lose all 3, but, we all know the NFL is crazy close and turnovers usually decide a game. Minn beat SF today. Ariz beat NE last week. Oak beat Pitt today. Tenn beat Det today. Upsets can and do happen. If our team is ready for prime time, then they will win some of those games.


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