Ask a Pats fan!

I can't tell you how excited I am that the replacement refs are no longer going to ref our matchup! As I'm sure all of you are excited by this as well! Though we will occasionally yell at the refs for doing something stupid, or not making a call, at least we'll know that they have the game under control, and that there will be less blown calls. :)

I'm going to now, first, talk about the state of the Patriots. Here is what we know: Not much.

I know last season is held in may of your minds. How scrub QBs can put up 300+ yards on us at a whim. Last Sunday, on National TV despite of the referees blowing calls left and right on both teams, I'm sure gave you all some great relief. Though Im here to tell you that it is not likely the case that you will face a pats team like last season overall.

On offense, we will be facing you guys without Hernandez, we added Brandon Lloyd, our OL is up in the air, and Ridley so far looks awesome. I can tell you that the connection between Brady and Lloyd is a thing of beauty. I have never seen a WR with such great route running and body control as Lloyd, and the offense appears to not have missed a beat without Herndo. Ridley is a fan favorite, and reminds me personally of your own Fred Jackson. Tough dude, with deceptive quickness and displays above average awareness in making that one cut and pick up 4+ yards.

On defense, our secondary is benefitting from having Chung and Gregory in the lineup, with a dash of Tavon WIlson. Last year we had Nate Jones, Ihedigbo, Slater, and Sergio Brown. Horrible defenders..... And now McCourty looks to have greatly improved from last season (thank God), and unfortunately dropped not one, but two INTs against Baltimore.... Our run defense has been very strong the first two weeks, but then Ray Rice came in, and performed like the #1 RB in the league that he is (at least imo he is). Our front seven looks very strong, that is until Baltimore. Though Arrington is still Arrington.... frustrating....

I have much more to say, but ultimately, the thing is that we truly don't know most of the things about our team that are solid. The Niners defense got shredded last weekend too, and so ultimately, we can only tell you what this team has to offer. Keep in mind however, that when we do answer your question, that we do not imply it will happen on Sunday. For example: "So far McCourty has had a very good season." Don't take this comment in the context that he'll shut down Stevie Johnson. Because as I said, we truly do not know much coming into this game.

Well ask away..... hopefully we won't go into "We will stop this because of that!" lol....(I just think such things are pointless when we really do not know what is going to happen on the field).

Though let us rejoice that the real refs are back!



Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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