What do you like this weekend? Week 4

Well - things didn't go so well last week. Underdogs all over the league were covering and/or winning outright in Week 3. Tough week to be the favorite...even tougher week if you bet on a bunch of favorites. For me personally, the pain was dulled by cold beer and a Bills victory as I was among the Bills fans who descended on Cleveland for Sunday's game. Let's recap last week's ugly results:

CAR-3*: (L) - Ugh. That's all I can say. I know Cam and the gang will warm up at some point this year. Unfortunately they have to face the Dirty Birds in the Georgia Dome this week. Not looking good for Cam...not looking good.

STL+7.5**: (L) - Thought the Rams would have covered...but they looked awful

BUF-3***: (W) - Buffalo covers with a big road win

NYJ-2.5*: (W) - Covering is covering even if it is just by a 1/2 point

IND-3**: (L) - Looks like Jacksonville will be the overreaction for this week (only getting 2.5 against last year's playoff Bengals)

PHI-3.5**: (L) - Last week I wrote, "The Cards are still the Cards...PERIOD." Okay, fine, I take it back...jeesh.

DEN+2**: (L) - Never saw a bit of this game...bummer, Peyton.

SEA+3.5**: (W) - To be honest, I wish I could give this game back. I can't get all high and mighty enough to say I am upset that I won. However, I am close. What a sham. I've heard estimates that close to $500 million could have been lost by the betting public with that b.s. call. Something like 70% of the betting public had their money on GB and the line was not budging from 3 - 3.5. The game was fishy...but a win is a win.

3-5-0 on the week bringing my season record to 12-8-1. Let's get back to winning this week. At least we know the ref's won't give or take from us anymore. Lines and picks after the jump.

CLE@BAL-12 O/U44

NE@BUF+4 O/U51

MIN@DET - NO LINES YET (Probably because of uncertainty with Stafford)

CAR@ATL-7 O/U 48.5

SF@NYJ+4.5 O/U40.5

SD@KC pk O/U45

TEN@HOU-12 O/U45


MIA@ARI-6 O/U39.5

OAK@DEN-6.5 O/U48.5

CIN@JAX+2.5 O/U42.5

NO@GB-7.5 O/U53.5

WAS@TB-2.5 O/U47.5

NYG@PHI-1 O/U47.5

CHI@DAL-3.5 O/U41.5

My picks:

BUF+4**: ALERT, ALERT - HOMER BET. Okay - it may look that way, but the only way Buffalo keeps in this game is in a shootout. Their coming home after a good win, look to possibly have Freddie and (possibly) CJ back. Ne may win the shootout, but it will be by a FG or less.

ATL-7**: Tough to lay a TD in a divisional game...but Atlanta is back to Hotlanta because the Georgia Dome is hell.

STL+3***: This is the perfect set-up for a Seattle letdown. They steal a game at home just to travel on a short week to St. Louis where Jeff Fisher is turning things around.

CIN-2.5**: I just have a feeling Cinci goes in and stomps Jacksonville. Cinci's defense is too good to let Blaine Gabbert have the day he had against Indy.

GB-7.5***: Line movement indicates the betting public is going New Orleans on this one (I just think the line at 9 was a bit too high for some folks). Green Bay is pissed...and who else better to take out their frustrations on than a New Orleans team whose coach, captain, offensive coordinator, QB, and mascot are all Drew Brees.

That's it this week. May add one or two in the comments after some further thought. What do you like this weekend?

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