This Is A Tough Game For Tough People

Oh how I love a good cliche, even if they're boring. The funny thing about a cliche is they have a basis for their existence. Another cliche is "the game is won or lost in the trenches". I think that's still true today even in a pass wacky NFL but the 2 cliches I just mentioned (title included) have been the model for Buddy and Chans rebuild of the Bills.

Fast forward to the 2012 NFL draft when J2 picked Riley Reiff to be the Bills selection. Want to know how moronic that pick was? Well first of all it was moronic. Second of all I drafted against Buddy and Chan's signature player, massive human beings and athletic freaks. Reiff is not that player in the slightest so "stupid is as stupid does" in what has to be the worst draft pick of our Buffalo Rumblings mock draft , save for Brian selection on SB Nation, of course.

So going back to Buddy Nix and Chan's hiring they talked about getting bigger and more physical, they made an emphasis on how the game is won or lost in the trenches. 3 years into the Bills rebuild and you can see how this rebuild is going, even if you don't believe that Buddy and Chan have a plan (you're wrong).

Let's start with the defensive line: Dareus (6'3 331), Mario Williams (6'6 292), Mark Anderson (6'4 255) are all to be starters with Moore (6'6 263) and Carrington (6'5 301) as backups all brought in by Buddy Nix.

Dareus and Mario exemplify freak athletes at their position for their size, shocking huh? Considering Buddy and Chan told us they wanted to get bigger stronger and faster? Everyone of those guys except for our "pass rushing specialist" are big for their position. Either in height, weight or both. Not one is of the "tweener" variety.

Let's look at the offensive line: Cordy Glenn (6'5 343!), Kraig Urbik (6'5 324!), Eric Pears (6'8 317!) are all starters and their all gigundis human beings. Chris Hairston (6'6 330!), Colin Brown (6'7 326), Chad Rinehart (6'5 321) and Sam Young (6'8 316) are our backups. Is this the biggest group of players in the NFL at one positional group or what? I'm not sure but I bet if someone looked it up we probably have the largest offensive line in the NFL.

So when looking at the players that Buddy and Chan has brought in to solidify the lines can you see the pattern? Now you know how awful and moronic the Riley Reiff pick was. Good golly Miss Molly that's some awful thought processes right there J2.

How about the Bills plan? To get larger - check the box. To get faster - check that box (Spiller, Brooks, Graham, Easley, Jones). I think the plan has been implemented fairly well (please leave QB discussions outta here folks!). Buddy has rebuilt the trenches with physical specimens and large players. Buffalo has gotten tough by default: "Those big guys are tough to get around". This should also help in the injury department, one would hope.

Going forward next spring we should keep this in mind, well maybe i'm the one who needs to keep this in mind but Buddy and Chan told us their plan and they've done a helluva good job implementing it. Is it perfect? Hell no! Is any GM perfect? Well Ozzie Newsome gave up a 4th for Lee Evans so you tell me if all GM's are perfect. (hint: not one in the NFL now, past or present). I for one like my massive athletic freaks; beats getting pushed around like a bunch of sissy girls tip toeing threw the tulips like the Jauronian era.

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