What do you like this weekend? Week 1

Finally! We can start wagering on football games again! There were only two comments in support of this series when I posted looking for input last week. So, I'm going give it a few weeks, gauge the involvement, and go from there.

As I indicated in the post last week, each week I will: a) list all lines, b) give my picks with ratings (1 to 4 stars - 4 being the most confident) and c) always make a pick and write up the Bills game. I get all lines for this post from (not promoting them - just the site I am most comfortable with).

Lines and picks after the jump (minus the Dal @ NYG game) ...

Format: I will list the teams, show the line as it relates to the home team, then list the over/under. Questions can be answered in the comments section weekly.

IND@CHI-10 O/U 43.5

PHI@CLE+9.5 O/U 43

BUF@NYJ-3 O/U 38.5

WAS@NO-7.5 O/U 50

NE@TEN+6 O/U47

JAX@MIN-3.5 O/U 39.5

MIA@HOU-13 O/U 42.5

STL@DET-7.5 O/U 45.5

ATL@KC+3 O/U 43.5

SF@GB-5 O/U 47

CAR@TB+2.5 O/U 47

SEA@ARI+3 O/U 41

PIT@DEN-2 O/U 44.5

CIN@BAL-6 O/U 41

SD@OAK-1 O/U 46.5

My picks, ratings and justifications:

BUF+3 **: This sounds like a homer bet, I know. However, 3 points is too many, folks. If Buffalo doesn't outright win this game, then they only lose by a point or two. I am going on the faith that Chan kept a lot of secrets in the preseason which will all be exposed on the Jets this weekend.

BUF@NYJ OVER 38.5 *: The Jets will still be able to run on us as our linebackers are going to need some time to develop further. As stated above, Buffalo's game plan will include some interesting stuff we didn't see in the preseason. I see a final score like Buf 27, NYJ 21.

NE-7 *: You are not going to see too many big ratings from me in week one...we need some track record to make real confident decisions. However, I do like NE to go in here with their improved defense and win this one by two touchdowns.

CAR-2.5 *: Cam Newton made me a lot of money last's hoping it wasn't a fluke. I see Carolina going out and handling a revamped TB team that is going to need some more time in their new system.

ATL-3 *: I, unlike many, do not think KC will continue to build on their late season run. However, even if I am wrong, they still cannot match-up with Atlanta's fire power. The dirty birds win this one by double digits.

PIT@DEN OVER 44.5 *: Number is just too low...even with good defenses. I like a lot of points in Manning's regular season debut. Pittsburgh always finds a way to put points up regardless of the defense they are playing OR how rough their OLine is.

There they are for Week 1. Please share comments, share picks and let's all get off to a good start of the season. Good luck on your plays this weekend!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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