Week 2 CFB Notes

Randon stuff from my week two notes. I didn't see every game (have a bunch on DVR to get to) and missed a lot because of a thunderstorm, which combined to take out my DirecTV for an hour, and forced the local channel cover tornados instead of football. Here's my notes, in the order that I wrote them down.

USC - Syracuse

Watched the second half of USC and Syracuse after the weather passed. I like Ryan Nassib. He's got the best arm I've seen other than Tyler Bray. He throws the fade well. His arm strength is beyond what's needed at the pro level, and he made every throw that I needed to see to make that assessment. Accuracy is very good. He needs to take some heat off the fastball, and he does have a bit of a longer throwing action, though I might need to look again, as I'm not used to seeing QBs throw over the top, and that's what Nassib does.

Sign me up for Syracuse RB Jerome Smith. Guy is a hammer and he hammered USC all game.

USC is a team I don't like now.... constantly hitting after the play and borderline cheap all game.

Robert Woods is faster than I thought. Explosive with good hands. Marqise Lee was better over the top, but both are fairly identical. Neither is exceptionally tall, but both a really skilled and fast.

TJ McDonald has a decent day in coverage, though he didn't react well to Nassib's throws - too fast to react to.

Call me not overly impressed with Barkley. Great stat line, but he's got two of the best receivers in the country. His arm strength isn't great, and he gets inaccurate down the field. He needs to go somewhere like Arizona where he can play eight games in ideal conditions.

USCs defense is really fast. They play Monte Kiffin's Tampa 2. They got gashed a bit in the run game, especially when Syracuse went up tempo, and Nassib beat them over the top. Anything in front of them, and they close fast.

LSU - Washington

I'll take anyone off LSU's defense. They are the fast and highly disruptive on defense.. Mingo and Montgomery are elite off the edge and probably end up 3-4 OLBs going really high in the draft. It's going to be a good year for 3-4 OLBs.

Sign me up for Eric Reid. The guy is a stud safety that does everything well. Very instinctive and just seems to be everywhere.

I'll also take any of the LSU backs. The line looked well coordinated, and Washington couldn't stop them.

Zach Mettenberger didn't throw much, but from what I saw, he's probably the best QB LSU has had in a really long time. Tall, strong and accurate arm. Scans the field. I liked what I saw.

Washington has a tough game, so it's hard to really evaluate anyone. Keith Price looked lost, and the whole team was in shell shock by halftime. From what I saw of Price, I can say that he's not in the same category as some of the really athletic QBs that have been drafted lately, like RGIII and Locker.

Missouri - Georgia

I was sad to see Elvis Fisher get hurt again... not good. James Franklin is another shorter, athletic QBs that probably isn't a good enough passer to play the position in the NFL.

Aaron Murray started really slow but had a good game. I think he's really similar to Barkley but with a better arm. Accurate, showed arm strength throwing to the opposite hash mark.

Remember that I wrote this: Jarvis Jones is going to be this coming draft's Von Miller. He's unblockable. Missouri defenders were lucky to get their hands on him most of the time, much less keep him from the play. Burst off the line is Miller-esque. He's not huge, but he's got great leverage coming off the edge, uses his hands well, and plays a lot stronger than his weight suggests.

Teams that need DTs should watch Georgia. Johnathan Jenkins reminds me of Kris Jenkins. The man is huge and unmoveable. The Missouri linemen didn't really drive him anywhere, and their line splits are so wide that they often hit him from two sides, but worked against each other, and Jenkins never moved.

His running pal, Kwame Geathers, reminds me of John Henderson. Geathers is tall with most of his bulk in his torso, and he's a brawler. Probably not more than a starter who comes out on passing downs, but he's good at what he does.

Miami (OH) - Southern Illinois

I only watched to see Zach Dysert. Sure, it was against SIU, but the kid is impressive. He runs a pro offense well. Everything that I liked from the Ohio State game, he continued. He stays focused in a balanced offense; he doesn't need a ton of throws to stay hot. Really accurate. Makes smart plays - doesn't try to force everything like Nassib, though he's got the arm to do it. Big sleeper. I'm going to keep watching, but I like what I see so far.

I've got the rest of the games on DVR (what I was able to see).

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