Game analysis

Seeing all the doom and gloom posts and comments led me to write this. Here are my thoughts on what a lot of the people are complaining about.

The main things I have seen looking at the various comments:

D-Line -- The Jets only had one 7 step drop all game that I saw (though my attention waned in the 4th quarter), and we did fairly decent against their ground attack, not getting gashed for hundreds of yards on the ground like in previous years. They pulled a trick out of our playbook when it came to passing: they had practically no passes that went further than 10-15 yards in the air. Regarding Mark Anderson, he was totally outmatched against Ferguson, but don't forget Ferguson is one of the best in the game. Am I disappointed in Anderson? Yes, but I am not ready to throw him under the bus just yet. He isn't an elite pass rusher, and never has been. I also saw kyle williams in the backfield on numerous occasions, so i wouldn't get the pitchforks for them yet. Dareus was double teamed most of the day, and collapsed the pocket a couple of times, but was pretty stout in the run game. Mario williams was very disappointing though. They frequently chipped him, giving Austin Howard help, but Mario Williams was just another guy out there today. Very disappointing. Also, I recall seeing remarkably few blitzes.

Secondary -- I feared today would happen to our secondary. They got burnt, a lot, which while disappointing didn't come as much of a surprise. I figured it would happen, I just thought it would be a better offense than the Jets that would do it to us (like the Patriots for example). My biggest gripes are with McKelvin, who got roasted a lot in the first half, and with the scheme. The best way to combat a short passing game is to jam the receivers at the line. Be aggressive. We have seen this 10 yard cushion crap before in the Jauron era. It didn't work well then, it works about the same now.

As near as I could tell, the defense in general didn't seem to make any adjustments. They made a very large number of high percentage throws and we appeared to just let them.

Offense -- and just to cover some comments from the offense, those first two ints weren't terrible decisions, but the throws were late and short and inaccurate. I don't know if Fitzy ate too large a steak before the game and was fighting gas, but he looked slow, and the timing was off. The third int I can't explain, I couldn't tell who he was attempting to throw that to. The guy going deep was open, but that ball was waaaay underthrown for that, like it wasn't even close. There is no defense for the third one. For better or worse, he looked better in the fourth, but despite the score saying that a comeback was still possible, it was too little too late, we needed to start scoring like mad in the third, and it didn't happen until the fourth. I am not trying to come off as defending the wretched qb play today, but I didn't see the terrible decisions that people were claiming.

Since I haven't seen I think it was Der Jaeger post his three positives and three negatives here are my selections.


-CJ Spiller running.

-Rebound in the fourth. Despite turnovers, we put up almost 400 yards of offense on a presumed top defense.

-Kept their running game in check, only 118 yards.


-TURNOVERS - there needs to be a double capitalization for that, those were bad.

-Secondary got torched.

-Unable to hold for FGs on turnovers, they got TDs pretty much at will.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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