Your Quarterback Draft Rankings, 2013

The inimitable DanRoc asked me in another thread (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Gee, Max, you sure do post a lot of fascinating stuff about the quarterbacks in the 2013 draft class. A handsome and talented guy like yourself must have ranked them already. Won't you share?"

You're far too kind, Dan! And as I answered him forthwith, I realized that a lot of opinions are being tossed around about where these quarterbacks should rank for the 2013 draft class. Many of the posters here have some prospects that they either like (GLENNON FTW HE'S TALL AND STRONG LIKE PAUL BUNYAN or GOTTA BE NASSIB EVERYONE UP TO AND INCLUDING HIS CALCULUS PROFESSOR IS ON STAFF) or dislike (UGH BARKLEY GOES TO USC AND WAS BORN WITH T-REX ARMS or LANDRY JONES POSSESSES THE SAME NUMBER OF TESTICLES AS MY GRANDMOTHER), and I'm no exception.

So, what I'm proposing is for you to take your best shot at ranking the top 7 quarterbacks in this year's class. I'm gonna lay down a formula for you with my picks, along with the highest pick of Buffalo's that I think you should select them in, barring a trade. I hope y'all will follow suit with the same format.

And let's just stick to posting your lists, shall we? I'd like to keep this thread free of criticism and arguments, since there have already been plenty of those things to go around. And there is more to come. Oh, so much more. There will be arguments that fill up entire internets. You'll be sick to death of it if you aren't already, and if you are, why did you click on this fanpost, huh? I mean, it says quarterback rankings in the goddamn title! That's on you, not me.

Sorry. Anyway, I'll repost my list. What's yours? And don't give me that "I gotta wait until the Combine!" or "What if Aaron Murray changes his mind?" stuff. That's Trent Edwards behavior. Take a stand. You can always adjust your rankings later, as needed. And unlike Hope Solo, you're not going to be handcuffed to the radiator and beaten senseless with a yardstick if Jerramy Stevens doesn't think your performance is up to snuff. It's all for funsies!

So, without further ado, here is Max's 2013 Top Seven QB Prospects and the Highest Round In Which They Should Be Drafted:

1. Geno Smith - Round 1, pick 8

2. Tyler Wilson - Round 1, pick 8

3. Matt Barkley - Round 1, pick 8

4. Landry Jones - Round 2, pick 41

5. Tyler Bray - Round 2, pick 41

6. Mike Glennon - Round 3, pick 71

7. Ryan Nassib - Round 3, pick 71

Postscript: If you do post a lot about quarterback rankings, you owe it to your dignity to fly your flag here. And if you're too 'fraidy-cat to post your top seven, you will be forever considered to be a yella-bellied opossum by your fellow Rumblers. There, I said it. I'm sorry. I don't make the rules.

Post-postscript: If you do like someone's list, rec it! And I'll be doing something math-y with this list if I get enough responses. ANALYTICS, Y'ALL.

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