Realistic 2013-14 Outlook (Post-FO/HC/OC/DC changes)

After the Gailey era, I had to re-evaluate myself as a sports fan. Once reserved, logical, and optimistic, I found myself at the lowest of lows. I mentally adjusted the depth chart, envisioning scheme changes, trade scenarios, and free agent acquisitions. I entertained any approach, no matter how statistically challenged, that would revolutionize Bills football as we know it. When I finally gathered up my insides, I wasn't 100% positive if it was the hype or the amphetamines that did me in (I'M JUST KIDDING). But seriously, I was fed up with acting like a Madden Franchise GM and I wanted to approach the new season as realistically (in my eyes) as I possibly could. So here's my thoughts for the 2013-14 Buffalo Bills season. Thanks for reading.

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly an opinion piece. For those of you guys and gals here who have career/hobby experience or inside information that negates my approach, I respect and welcome your views as well. I'm not a jerk and I doubt anyone else would be either. Ok, let's get down to business:

Free Agency: In a perfect world, I'd throw a dart at a list of guys like Sam Shields, Brent Grimes, Aqib Talib, Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz, Brian Hartline, Wes Welker.... You get it. But Brandon/Nix/Whaley aren't going to be doing anything but window shopping before the draft. With Jairus Byrd and Andy Levitre requiring a satisfactory legal document to keep them in town, there isn't time or money to be wasted on other endeavors. I won't dream about acquiring talent in free agency; I'll dream about retaining it.

Pre-Draft Trades: No drastic moves here. If I'm going to think wild things, maybe test the market for Fred Jackson and see if anyone's biting. Really though, I don't care... Fred's cool, he can hang. As far as draft order goes, if the FO decides that they don't like top ten picks, then you know... do that FO thing and trade down. I care not where they pick, but what they pick.

The Draft: First round QBs not named [insert player of choice who met expectations] don't appeal to me very much in the first round, let alone the top 10. Am I going to throw my remote through my television and soil my pants if a QB gets drafted there? Yes...I mean, No. No, I won't crap my pants or break the flatscreen. If it were up to me, this would be the approach for the first few rounds: CB, QB, WR, LB.

For those of you draft junkies who want to hear my logic (or lack thereof) for those choices, I'll make it short:

CB: if this franchise is confident they can find another stephon gilmore (or better), set yourself up with two #1 CBs

QB: the new coach probably deserves to pick a QB, so let him take a chance here with a little less pressure.

WR: if we're giving the new coach a shot, it probably wouldn't hurt to give the new QB a shot at finding a #1 target.

LB: yeah, the current crew is weak. Don't neglect the position but don't be pressured to draft high. As a result, Shep gets one more year, Bradham gets more responsibility.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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