So I'll say it

Last night Colin Kaepernick ran wild over the Green Bay Packers. Facing the 11th ranked defense in the league Kaep ran for 183 yards before giving up 2 yards on kneel downs in the victory formation. He completed 55% of his passes for 263 yards, 2 TDs and 1 (pick 6) INT. He had help, with Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree both racking up 119 yards, but he was the clear catalyst for the demolition of the Packers' defense. Thanks in large part to Kaep's ability to convert 3rd downs (8 for 13) and keep the clock going with his run plays the 49ers almost doubled up Green Bay in time of possession (38 minutes to 21).

Nix thought Aaron Williams was a better pick than Colin Kaepernick. Williams was chosen two slots ahead of Kaep. Thinking back on the day, I believe that many Rumbler's were calling for a QB (Dalton was chosen in the slot between Williams and Kaep) while the Bills were on the clock. Aaron Williams, we were told, was a first rounder who had slipped to the second--due in part to the early run on QBs in the top of the first round. At the beginning of the year, SBNation ranked all of the corners.

Aaron Williams was the 28th ranked starting right corner.

What I saw of Williams this season didn't lead me to believe that he'd rank any higher at the end of the season than he did at the beginning. In other words, he's not a very good corner. People on Rumblings have openly called for him to be moved to safety due to his ineptitude at corner.

Nix, who will have much - if not most - of the decision making responsibility when it comes to taking Buffalo's franchise QB, didn't believe that Kaepernick should have been rated more highly than Aaron Williams. Two full seasons later, it's clear that Williams is a bust at corner while Kaep looks like part of the new wave of highly mobile and successful QBs.

Instead of taking Kaep (who has proven that he can throw a very pretty and accurate deep ball seemingly without effort), Nix gave Fitz (who has to put every ounce of strength he has into a 40 yard throw that generally falls well away from his intended point of aim) a fat contract extension. Because of the way that the deal was crafted, the Bills are effectively married to Fitz for the 2013 season.

Some believe that Nix is a good judge of QB talent because he was in the general area when Brees and Rivers were selected. Fine. Explain the (a) the cap limiting deal Nix gave to Fitz (not even the why but instead the structure of the deal that doesn't let Buffalo move on in 2013), and (b) how Nix rated a failed CB more highly than a QB who just carried his team to the NFC Championship game.

I've said before that I don't believe that Russel Wilson would have seen the field if he'd been chosen by the Bills in 2012 and continue to believe that to be true. Kaep would have been the Wildcat QB in 2011, as he was in San Fran, and would have flashed potential. It wouldn't have taken more than a handful of pass plays by Kaep in 2011 and early 2012 to have had Bills fans calling for a bigger role for Kaep. It's possible that Kaep, unlike Wilson, might have supplanted Fitz at some point--particularly in the 2 minute drill when the Bills got the ball with less than a minute with 80 yards to go and no time outs. You know, when the ability to heave the ball downfield is a real asset.

Something to bear in mind is that the Bills were reportedly set to take Cam Newton if he fell to Buffalo at #3. Kaep was a poor man's Newton. Both could throw the ball deep, run extremely well and were generally seen as boom or bust prospects. Nix looked at Newton and saw boom; he clearly looked at Kaep and saw bust. Nix may yet be right about Newton but he was definitely wrong about Kaepernick.

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